DON’T Spend The Money On Overseas Exclusive Bowling Balls | Storm Hy-Road Gold vs Hy-Road Pearl

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Overseas exclusive bowling balls can be sooooooo expensive stateside! But are they worth it? Today we are comparing the Storm Hyroad Pearl and the overseas Storm Hyroad Gold!

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57 Comments on “DON’T Spend The Money On Overseas Exclusive Bowling Balls | Storm Hy-Road Gold vs Hy-Road Pearl”

  1. Would there be a bigger difference on a sport shot. Especially one with a little higher volume since the good cover is stronger?

    1. The Gold is simply a few feet earlier and smoother.. especially if you take the shine away with a 3000 grit pad. I think with the gold pearl especially if you make it a little dull you dont run into much over under as you would with the normal pearl.

  2. Is it just me, or does the HyRoad Pearl look more like the HyRoad? I thought the Pearl would have more purple in it.

    1. Easy.. Hy Road Pearl has Green writing and the original hy road has yellow. 😉 thats how you can distinguish them immediately.
      Colors may vary a bit.. my little brothers hy road pearl has so much purple it almost looks like the RST-X2 from Roto. 😉

  3. Would you consider doing a purple black widow urethane review? With the UC3 getting so much love, I’m curious how the purple widow would be now given the success of the UC3. Almost like the purple widow was ahead of its time.

  4. First look is that the gold was smoother off the spot. Which most people wanna see that snap off the dry, which is eye pleasing to most bowlers. I liked the motion of the gold better myself.

    1. @Luis Napoles I understand but the ball motion on the gold looks like it goes out more as compared to the normal hy-road as that seems to read earlier or tighter. Maybe do to the cover. Both have different shapes going into the pocket.

  5. I got into overseas balls a few years ago, only Storm and balls under the brand umbrella. It’s expensive sure, but it’s also fun to seek out core and cover combos you cannot get stateside. Also, even though balls like say the overseas lime idol and OG idol are same cover/core, the balls do react slightly different. Whether it be pour date, or color, the lime idol was slightly sharper (Many have also agreed). It’s just something I wanted to note in case you do seek out a particular piece, if there’s a matching core/cover with only a color difference it may not be 100% on top of that Domestic piece. Additionally, overseas countries in Asia get more of the same pieces if different colors because in that culture it’s slightly frowned upon for everyone to have the same ball there, unlike here where nobody cares. Bowlers there tend to try to not have the same arsenal as others.

  6. Personally. I don’t think they’re worth it. And I might be the only one, but I absolutely HATE gold bowling balls.

    1. @Harvey Wallbanger definitely gold pins, over gold bowling balls. Wish the PBA would bring them back for some events.

  7. Spicy… 😆 everyone will match up with everything differently and if you got the scratch then fuk it why not… but if your on budget then don’t bother with overseas as you can get hundred different balls from any proshop right now…

  8. It’s probably only worth the hassle if you are a serious bowler that knows exactly what you want. 99% of bowlers wouldn’t get any benefit from buying something overseas since the options on our market will work just as good. Now it will help if you are someone that hits the same mark all the time and you know the difference between ball components(how all the different cover/core combos will react for you). Then sure if you’re looking for something very specific

    1. @Luis Napoles yeah but there are alot of serious league bowlers that aren’t pros. They have tournaments all over for these people that bowl 3+ leagues at a time. Kinda like pro am and that’s where I can see these things shine

    1. @Luis Napoles yea unfortunately it’s a little bit cracked by the finger holes 🥺 might need to get a new one

    1. Look on Facebook for a group called Storm Roto Grip Bowling Balls for sale. My buddy Nick brown runs that group

    1. These kinda comments always make me laugh so much cause I’m just a regular guy creating bowling content. I’ve never claimed to be anything more. Do you never spray and pray? Do you hit your exact mark every shot?

    2. He’s not a professional splitting boards. Average guys like Lou and myself throw it all over the building, that’s ok. Now mr Holmes, since you ace every shot, direct me to your channel so I can see for myself.

  9. Good review Louis!

    Some brands overseas balls arent as much and more of a difference when im looking at Hammers. I agree on these so similar and price so different not really worth the cost

    1. @Luis Napoles imo more angular stuff tends to be extra uncontrollable for them, smoother stuff is good cuz they really don’t need help making a ball pop downlane.

  10. I think the only advantage of buying overseas balls, is that sometimes you can get a new ball with a new core design as well as an new ball using an older core design just with a new cover. Also if a ball is Discontinued, could be brought back overseas (i.e. radical conspiracy red).

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