Does The Layout Matter On A Bowling Ball?!?

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have for you all a layout comparison between two Forge Fires that are drilled differently with the same surface (4000) Do you think the layout matters? How much do you think it matters???

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57 Comments on “Does The Layout Matter On A Bowling Ball?!?”

  1. Generally I go pin up for solids and pin down for pearls. My Forge Fire was pin up and the reaction looked identical to yours. I hated it. I could only use it on rare occasions anyway and when I did the carry was awful.

    1. That happens unfortunately that’s why I am so thankful to have a PSO like I have that helps me along the way!

    2. @MotivLou I just recently got in contact with mine that I haven’t talked to in a long time. He’s going to drill a Redline for me and I’m pretty excited. He’s also going to try to clean up that Covert I was telling you about hahaha

    3. Did you play with the surface on the forge fire? Maybe a surface change, adding polish or both will get the reaction your wanting. Sounds like you have little to nothing to lose by playing around with it.

  2. I’ve had my pap measured however I feel like I had it done before I got my technique right. Will that change my pap or just my tilt?

    1. PAP is like a fingerprint. Every bowler is unique. If you changed your release your PAP has probably changed.

    2. Yes. Getting your pap checked regularly can help with knowing what call is best for each situation. If it changes it can mean the difference between your ball being having a 5″ pin to pap or a 3 3/8″ pin to pap

    3. Yea so even small changes to your release can and will change your PAP like Jeff mentioned for PAP is your fingerprint which is unique to you

  3. Got that recoil you suggested to me on last video, ball is probably the last missing piece! Shot a 600 with it tonight.

  4. i have a UFO pin up 40×3 3/8×20 . nuclear cell pin up 60x5x20 . im adding a decree to the bag should i go with something like pin down 4″x45? was thinking to playalong with the nuclear and give me another angle

    1. MotivLou was gonna get the jackal flash… its $370 local price while nuclear cell was $290…. it just bad timing :(… really want to get a motiv ball to test

    2. MotivLou singapore. 1usd:1.31sgd. pro shop pricing. so its better we buy ball on amazon with prime and bring it to pro shop to drill. drilling with turbo switch my pro shop charge is $90 SGD. which is almost the same as my salary for a day

    1. @MotivLou honestly believe Motiv makes the best equipment. Last 10 releases have not seen a miss or a near miss all are top notch.

  5. Nice lou great info.i have mine drilled it pin up over the fingers but its hard to use the condition need to be right .here is a question for your next video lou. when your lanes dry up what do you like to do go to a higher ball 4000 abralon padded or lower 1000 abralon padded some people have difrent opinions on this .yes i know i should go to the higher but whats your opinion brother .

    1. For me the more the lanes are hooking the less surface I want. I really like having 4000 on my balls when i gotta get left

  6. Watchers, PLEASE READ!!! Love the passion for bowling, but this information is not correct. On Syms, Pin up doesn’t equal more length and pin down doesn’t equal earlier roll. The biggest factor here is that you put the pin down in a stronger pin to pap position. If you drilled the pin up 4 x 35 and then compared it to the 4 x 70, you’d see that the pin up rolls earlier. If you drilled the pin down 5 x 70 and compared it to the 5 x 35, you’d see the pin down go even longer down the lane. Otherwise, great video!

  7. Yes I agree, with the pap knowing your pap, plus I use my pin up fire or VIP, pin up first, but the center in Largo Fl, on weekend tournaments I start with pin down on 1st game..
    Great video Lou, Awesome bud

  8. As a bowling coach I completely agree with what he said in the video regarding layouts, heck I learnt some new stuff too! Great educational video!

    1. @MotivLou Thanks! Fate here
      Subscribed to your channel with both of my youtube accounts. This one and my main viewing account @Fate

      As a bowling coach I’m starting a coaching focused youtube channel, where I do analysis on bowlers’ body biomechanics and give my thoughts on how they can be improved.
      If you don’t mind, can I do an analysis video of your game from some of your existing videos?

      Right now from watching 2 of your videos, I noticed that your body system tend to have a lot of tension in your downswing, that it actually slows down your downswing, which is probably affecting your ball speed, and possibly your shot accuracy as well.

  9. Off topic here @motivelew what do you do on a league night when your accuracy has gone to crap and you know a -100 is going to happen if you can’t stop the bleeding , haha asking for a friend, I wasn’t -100 Sunday night.

    1. So for me I don’t allow that to happen. I know that sounds like a cop out answer but it’s the truth. I keep my mind focused on the task at hand. I figure out what’s causing my accuracy to be off that day. Usually has something to do with your timing, if your timing is off it can and will cause you to spray the ball more than normal. So in a nut shell, back to basics

  10. Haven’t bowled in 20 years,looking at villian scorn and a thrill,dont know whether to go pin up or down,I dont know my pap, any advice on a good basic layout for these balls

    1. I’d say if you haven’t bowled in 20 years talk to your local pro shop because the biggest thing is going to be the right fit. The balls now are sooooo much more dynamic than they were 20 years ago! Good luck to you! 🙂

  11. could you do more videos on layouts and ball motion, also most of the ball reviews i see are for storm roto grip and motiv, there are some others done but i dont see much of the other brands doing reviews on their balls like what gets done for storm roto grip and what you do for motiv, i havent decided whether i want to build an arsenal with just one brand or multiple brands but if i do go with just one motiv is high on my list thanks to your reviews, first one from motiv if i go that route would be the venom shock, keep up the good work

    1. I appreciate the great feedback! I am actually working on a “How to layout a bowling ball” video !! Coming soon!!

  12. Recently I’ve been throwing a tank blitz at 4.75×30 and a venom shock at 5.25×40. I’ve really been liking the lower val angles as it feels like I’ve got a bit more control and to me they’re more responsive to hand changes.

    They carried me (with some soft help from a track lava heat to finish the last 4 frames) to my first 700 series last night.

    I wish motiv had a higher rg, medium low diff ball like the lava. I like the fatal, but it’s lower rg makes it a little too mid laney for my taste as a late stage pearl

    1. Nice bowling!! Closest we had to that was the Hydra! The diff on the thrill might be to low for what you’re looking for. Maybe soon we’ll get something to fill that void

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