Does The Hardness of Urethane Bowling Balls Even Matter?!?

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Today we took an overseas !Q/U which is a urethane ball with the same core and cover as the 78 U we have now with one HUGE difference… the hardness! Today we will find out if the hardness even matters!!

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16 Comments on “Does The Hardness of Urethane Bowling Balls Even Matter?!?”

  1. I think the PBA and the USBC were in to bust guys balls with this urethane controversy. Guys on tour complained with guys like “Packy” and Jakob Butturf predominantly using Urethane bowling well on blocks and guys winning tournaments with Urethane. Idc just shoot higher scores.

  2. Great video as always Luis! I also liked the camera angle since we can see your drift, slide point, target and follow the ball to where the range finders would be and into the pit. Really helps to understand the breakpoints and how each ball reacts

  3. Hardness does matter the softness of the cover will have more foot print than a harder surface Ron from CTD has a video on this an that video shows a big difference between hard an soft urethane balls

  4. From my past experiences, WAY IN THE PAST!, the overseas ball should hook a little more… Seems like the Black Angle, Gray Angle, and Gold Angles back in the day… The softer ball would suck up the oil quicker and hook more… We’ll see…

  5. Nice video Luis. I don’t doubt the softer urethane balls create a larger footprint on the lane, but it probably doesn’ t make a huge difference for folks like us. I would like to see someone ljke Graham Fach or Jakob Butturff do a NU Blue Hammer review or Jason Sterner do a IQ 78U review.

  6. Storm specifically made the 78/u to perform like the softer ones, I think the issue is how soft the urethane got 2-4 games in….if the performance stayed on par with each other after the 3rd game that it would be very telling…just us seeing one game bowled between the 2 balls isn’t enough data to make a definitive call IMO

  7. Based off ten pin toolkit you throw about 19ish off the hands(16-17 on lane/screen) and have 310-320ish rpm. The effect of softness for a speed dominant player will be significantly less important and glaring than that of a rev dominant player, which the pba is chalk full of.

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