Does the CG matter on symmetrical balls | part 1

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23 Comments on “Does the CG matter on symmetrical balls | part 1”

  1. of course it matters.. symmetrical area designed to be even, but they arent 100% perfect, or their wouldnt be a center of gravity it would be balanced and infinite. it has to impact the ball, just not as much as we once noticed when we live in a world of asymetricals…

  2. Wait, let’s first see if it makes a difference with holes in the ball on the ramp .
    That way we will know how the holes and layout affected the ball at slow speed.
    Apples to Apples.
    Then we can increase the speed by throwing the ball.

  3. I like it my bowling ball Brunswick igniter soild bowling ball more hitting power more strike and spares

  4. I was going through some old stuff not long ago and came across some drill instruction sheets from the late 1990’s/2000 time frame. They sure seemed to put a lot of emphasis on CG placement back then.

  5. If the axis migrates, what happens to the CG?
    ie: if the CG is kicked out to the right, where will it be when the ball is 40′ downlane, after the axis has migrated 5″ from its initial position?

  6. No one is throwing an undrilled ball so this test really doesn’t give us any practical information. If thumb hole is present then that will become the PSA on symmetrical ball and any effect from CG is negligible at best.

  7. Great video….I seen someone throw a ball with the cg above the bridge and one ball with below the bridge. There wasn’t no noticeable difference in ball motion.

  8. drilled and thrown is so much different than just letting it fall off of a ramp. this is basically only showing what would happen if 5 year old throws a ball.

    1. So you didn’t think it showed side weight has effect on a bowling ball initially? There’s a reason it says “part 1”

    2. @JR Raymond sure the effect at that slow of a speed. bring it up to a typical 15 to 17mph speed realistic of someone who would typically throw that ball the effects would be far less. Your part 2 of this is gonna be a better representation of the effect of the side weight of a ball.

  9. This test is flawed since its an undrilled ball. No one throws a ball without any holes. Take 2 identical balls and drill them with the CG position is the only difference. Thumb and finger holes take a good chuck of mass out of a ball and core and has more effect on the ball after drilling than CG placement. There is other videos that shows that. #CGNoMadda #CGNoMatter

  10. Hey Raymond , what would happen to to ball if the CG is in the middle and the pin is to the side. I know it’s a dumb question.

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