Does Having A Higher Rev Rate Increase Success With Urethane?! Strike Challenge!!

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There's always been a stigma in bowling about only high rev rate players can succeed with urethane bowling balls! So today Chris and I will figure that out! First to 12 strikes wins todays challenge throwing only urethane! My rev rate is about 375 ish and Chris is over 500!

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50 Comments on “Does Having A Higher Rev Rate Increase Success With Urethane?! Strike Challenge!!”

  1. These are pretty cool. Seeing two different bowling types/techniques while throwing the same ballsish!
    Also cool to see you guys having fun, enjoying the game.
    This will transition to yalls league nights as well.
    Looking forward to stream tonight. Good luck you guys. Leggo

  2. When you do a ball review video have you and Chris both throw it that way we can see what it looks like with a low rev rate player and a high rev rate player

    1. @Luis Napoles yes I understand you guys did it. I’m saying continue to. I want to see y’all do a review on the Phaze V.

  3. I watch a lot of you tubers but I’m starting to like your videos more and more, keep it up and let’s get those numbers up to Dtang!

  4. It looks like it’s not just rev rate. Yes, rev rate does help but there’s also ball speed and axis tilt/rotation. But then yet again, I am kinda splitting hairs lol

  5. Yay for Low Rev Rate! πŸ‘
    Total fun Lou!
    I have utra low rev rate, around 125-140 rpms.
    When I use urethane on house I rarely have to move more than 2 or 3 boards max with my feet and 1 with my eyes and that is only when the other players are throwing resin drying up the lane in three to four man teams. In my Doubles League however, most of the time I will not need to move a millimeter for a three game set. πŸ˜‰

    1. @Marian Sowinski Hello Marian. I have many urethane balls with many different layouts I have tried over the years.
      And let me also explain that in addition to being an ultra low rev player, I am also a Classic Full Roller.
      This allows me to play a unique part of the lane for extended periods of time with little to no moves.
      One ball I use on house shots that is very smooth and controlled is my Hot Cell which I have at 1000 grit with a 3 3/8″ Full Roller Leverage layout.
      You can see that ball in action on my channel, it’s video #138.
      Another urethane ball that works great on “drier” house shots is my Vintage Grey Rhino (Video #141) I also have that at 1000 grit with a simple label layout.
      I recently obtained a Brunswick U-Motion (sadly discontinued) and put a 3/4″ Leverage layout on it to simulate an old school label layout. This ball is amazing.
      I used it last night in Sport league on the 35′ Boardwalk pattern, 1 to 2 ratio, playing slow up 5 board for a three game set and never had to move a millimeter with feet or target.
      Shot 594. Ultra Low Rev bowlers can have advantages on many patterns if they have the correct type of ball and layouts to provide maximum control of the lane and retention of hitting power. Urethane provides excellent control, accuracy and consistency and preserves the pattern over extended periods of time allowing you to keep making the same shot over and over with minimal moves. Your layouts should be low flare and high RG so the ball stays very straight on course and retains hitting power. Focus should be on a layout that produces continuation. Forget about late back end snap, think instead in terms of Front to Back. You want the urethane ball to read the lane ‘early’ and start walking across in a subtle, continuous and controlled fashion. You will play further right, up the boards in the dry to get the ball started up early so it can start walking across the lane in that controlled fashion.
      I just posted my U-Motion video #146 and this video should let you will see what I mean about playing the lanes in the dry with a mild urethane ball.
      I hope this helps and Good Bowling!

  6. I’m only up to 2 strikes each, but so far it looks like the rev/speed aspect is so far most important. He has more revs, but fires it down the lane, with a slower ball speed and less revs the ball has time to hook still.

  7. Great to see Chris. That was a fun video. The contrasting styles adds a lot of value, to how balls react/move down the lane. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ––

  8. Higher rev rate will always have a higher strike percentage, but with the new steonger technology balls these days you’ll be chasing it left more and more and seems like it gets more tough to have consistency.

  9. I have around 250-300 rev rate and average around 12 ball speed and urethane works like a charm when I use it. I can bowl in the 200s consistently. Sometimes better than reactive

  10. Love to watch the challenge! Thanks for the video!
    Luis, would you be able to find a two handers for a challenge game, the whole game! I think it would be fun to watch.

  11. Was wondering what Chris was throwing when watching the intro and then I heard “pretty purple ball” a while later and understand why it’s not shown on screen πŸ˜‚

    1. @Luis Napoles yea hahaha i commented before i got to that part 🀣 i was wondering if the comparison would be more “fair” if you used a lower flaring urethane like the PB to match the purple tank, what do u think?

  12. How does the Vintage compare to Pitch Black? Thank you for this video, I have a Pitch Purple. I will order a Pitch Black off of your link, thanks to this video.

    1. Thanks so much! So the pitch black will be less ball than the Vintage because of that really strong core in the Vintage

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