18 Comments on “Do you believe in MAGIC?!”

  1. Do you know how this ball compares to the DNA. I’ve been throwing my brand new DNA and it wasn’t hooking as early as I would have like it too. Dropped it down to a 1000 grit cover and it still isn’t responding too well to the fresh oil at times. Just wondering if this ball would pick up earlier or later.

  2. I wish it didn’t look so similar to the original gem. The yellow and pink are the same and the blacks to similar looking to the dark purple it’s barley noticeable lol

  3. Only thing is …. that’s NOT the Magic Gem …. it’s just a Gem Solid ….. the first release ….. it isn’t even an Exotic Gem ….. lol

  4. That looks pretty good down the lane, love to compare it to (2 of) my Absolutes based on surface and layouts.

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