Do THIS To Improve Your Ball Roll

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This is the number one way IO have found to help improve my ball roll! Doing this will help get your hand in there right place and be able to repeat shot after shot!

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9 Comments on “Do THIS To Improve Your Ball Roll”

  1. Coming off of a video from Beef and Barnzy podcast with Mark Baker. Chris mentioned the upper body being too far forward can cause issues with elbow flaring out and excess shoulder movement. I can see some of your shots where it seems you’re upper body is a little to far forward. Maybe you could try it one of your practice videos in the future. It might also help keep your swing lower without trying too much. Also it would dope if you can feature Mark in a coaching video. Thanks for all the content Luis!

  2. I find it helps a lot to put a sticker on either my PAP or the pin on the ball. You can see the motion of the core (or your shot lol) on your release. Definitley helps to spot a bad shot even if you didn’t feel it. Also helps to see what you THINK you’re doing vs what the ball actually received from you.

  3. even as a two handed bowler it sometimes happens to me that my hand doesnt stay behind it and goes around it.. when that happens my ball reaction becomes unreliable..
    So i know exactly when i threw it bad also it doesnt feel good.. over-rotating.. happens to me mostly if i dont take enough time and just rush the shot..

    but i also agree with what you said about the ball reaction is easier to read if you throw urethane. Going around the ball, it doesnt quite hook. Staying behind it, it behaves like it should.

  4. It seemed at first your bad shots were because you were pulling down from the top, but if you look closer you don’t pull down really, it’s almost like on your bad shots are when you are speeding up a bit to much in the flat spot area causing you to come around it and away from up the back in what I like to call the Spider man web shooting action. Just an outside opinion. Personally, my footwork is my issue right now. We all have things to work on. Good luck.

  5. Luis,

    What works for me is on the Set up position. Make sure the ball is Resting on the palm of your hand, it’s easier to keep your hand to go up the back of the ball for a Forward roll.

  6. When you drop your THUMB towards the left cause the elbow to flare outside the body. Make sure the Thumb is pointing straight up.

  7. Im not professional coach, im self taught with every thing. One thing that helped me stay behind the ball consistently, is my start position. I noticed when you start, you’re on the side of the back, and on your backswing you get behind it, but when you bring it down you’re rotate back to the start (side of the ball) try starting inside and behind the ball. Itll feel uncomfortable at first but so much better. I hope that helps!

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