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  1. Great video, Can you do a video on the swing? I see a high back swing and I’m told not to muscle it but how do you go that high with using muscle it can’t all be momentum.

    1. Some of it is momentum, but you’re right, it’s not all momentum. I have a higher backswing than Ronnie, and I don’t muscle it all. It’s all fluid motion and it doesn’t ever feel that high. Bring soft at the bottom is huge. You don’t want to muscle your swing because when you muscle it, that creates inconsistencies, and you start to muscle it at the bottom, and now you are throwing the ball, rather than rolling the ball. Some of the high backswing is due to posture in the approach, the foul line, etc

    2. As someone with a high backswing a can tell you momentum is part of it. The other is how you rotate the shoulders open with the rise of the backswing. For instance, if my shoulders are square to the lane a high backswing is almost impossible. The shoulders have to open(on the up swing) and get back to closed just ahead of the ball at release. It does have to be somewhat natural, meaning I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t already have a high backswing develop that with any success. As a kid, I had many try to coach me out of what was natural. I didn’t listen, I knew what I was doing. I had the modern day power game then, and now that is now the way they teach it! As a result I can control my ball speed from 16mph-20mph as needed. And on my spare shots if I throw it straight I can hit 25mph-27mph with minimal effort all day long. Which is good if you like making the 7-10. I have actually bounced a 10 pin all the way back to the approach 4 times now. There is no substitution for power. But it’s useless If you don’t develop the skills to harness it.

  2. Having my fingers set properly when the hand is warm works great. When the Lanes turn on the
    air conditioners with overhead fans, the fingers shrink and cause a grab to hold on.
    Do you have any suggestions to add the little grip that is lost? Rosin doesn’t work.

  3. People really don’t understand how important a proper grip is. I’ve been working on that alot the last 1 and a half and my average has increased by almost 20 pins

  4. I’d love to hear your thoughts on grips that are used to manipulate leverage, hand position and rev rates, such as conventional, semi finger tipped, sarge easter or adding a pinky hole to a finger tipped ball.

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