8 Comments on “Do Drill Angles Matter? – #RadicalRundown”

  1. I will never understand why so many people swear the drill angle matters on symmetrical. Nothing you say can convince them otherwise.

  2. What exactly is the PSA as it pertains to ball motion? Does the ball ever spin on the psa when going down the lane? If so, when is it supposed to spin on the psa?

    Is the PSA only relevant on the determinator?

    In my experience drill angles do matter. I have 2 identical symmetrical balls, pin placement is within a 1/16″ pin to pap and pin to ring finger. but CG is in different places. When ball A spins up and goes through the pins, it is spinning around the thumb hole, and ball B spins up around the ring finger. Ball A is earlier and has to be used with steeper angles, Ball B I can play all day right of 3rd arrow and with straighter angles.

    They will not be identical for long though, as 1 had a bridge Crack and I want to make it a short pin.

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