Different strokes for different folks | Three releases and how they react to the lane

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16 Comments on “Different strokes for different folks | Three releases and how they react to the lane”

  1. The best educational bowling videos on YT. Working on my rev rate/release and your tips have helped the most. Thanks JR

  2. A good demo,JR. Thanks for sharing. I knew someone will walk through the side door at some stage😄.

  3. A great bowler always should have different hand positions to better their game 👍🏾💯

    1. @UnderdogStories yes indeed. I didn’t know we were friends btw lol. What is your name on there

  4. So funny how the employee always makes his appearance from the side door of the mechanical room. Is this planned?

    1. The explanation was spot on . It is difficult to demonstrate straight up the front when you have such an open shoulder. Maybe in the future you can explain open and closed shoulder deliveries

  5. But when I put my hand straight up the back I get absolutely no rotation and a flat ball roll.

    1. You are correct the you dull ball reaction coming up the back. Making sure that thumb releases first and roll the ball off the fingers. The tilt of your hand can add or dull the finish after it hits the dry area of the lane.

  6. There are a lot of bowlers who come out of the ball at 9 o’clock but their ball still doesn’t hook much because their thumb is coming out at about 9 o’clock as well. You probably have one already, but maybe a video on how to get the thumb out first and let the fingers rotate around the ball would be good for a lot of bowlers.

  7. JR first I want to say I have the most respect for your teaching and explanation of ball release and reaction. I wish you were closer to wear I reside because I really need your help. I have been a full roller all my life and have over nine 300 games. But I shattered my ankle and heel that had to be rebuilt 5 times going on a sixth in near future. Bottom line I lost my arm swing, balance and consistency in release coming back. I have bought almost all the balls you have reviewed but it just doesn’t matter. A 2 teen avg now struggling to keep it in the 180’s. I can go on and on but I don’t want your sympathy. I need to rebuild my game with your help. First my 5 step delivery is not the same along with the arm swing which has gotten shorter. I barely get 12 mph and I have begun to hit my leg in the backswing. The release is still full roller with equipment based on pin just left of thumb. Oh I also change wrist support from a Robby to a storm mechanical device need to be a scientist to figure right position thing should be. Well if you haven’t felt asleep yet I just want to start over from beginning will you help even if I compensate you for verbal or FaceTime videos. Can or do you want to help?

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