Differences Between Urethane, Microcell Polymer and Reactive | Purple Tank, Desert Tank & Thrill

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In this video we will be going over the differences between Urethane, Reactive Resin and Microcell Polymer! The Motiv Purple Tank, Motiv Desert Tank and Thrill all share the same core but vastly different cover stocks!!

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42 Comments on “Differences Between Urethane, Microcell Polymer and Reactive | Purple Tank, Desert Tank & Thrill”

  1. Hi

    A 6 Ball Package:
    Purple Tank
    Desert Tank
    Blitz Tank
    Venom Fatal
    Forge Fire

    Is this right.

  2. IMO if you are buying 1 ball for this. I would go with the desert tank. It take surfaces changes really well. Polish it up and it will get down the lane and still have great shape down lane. With surface it rolls earlier but still gets back.

    Its the best of both worlds.

    1. @MotivLou my Tank Blitz was like I’M THE ALPHA DOG today. Got the oil drawn out a resurfaced.

      Pin up at 3000
      Pin down 2000
      Covert 1000
      Jackal LE 2000
      #DatPurp 1500 w/compound
      Desert 2000

  3. Nice comparison Louis, thanks ! So if you dulled the Thrill a bit, it would start looking like the Desert?

    1. I haven’t went that way, but I have shined up my Desert Tank (extra shine actually). The Desert Tank is still earlier and smoother than the Thrill in this case. I can only imagine that it would still be that way with them both dull.

    2. Not at all! The Desert is such a unique ball motion! The thrill with surface takes away from what makes it sooooo good

  4. I just want to say I appreciate that you are playing on the right lane. When I worked in a bowling center, numerous folks would make a fuss if they couldn’t get a left lane because of the ball return. My go-to line was, “it’ll make you a better bowler”.

  5. Probably the best comparison video for the different covers that you’ll ever find. Are you saying microcell is the best of both worlds?🤔

  6. Wow! That strawberry lemonade really shaped down lane. I already love the two tanks, I can’t get over how AMAZING the Motiv cores and coverstocks are! Flux core is my fav, but the gear and predator v2 are 🔥🔥🔥. Jackel Flash is next on my list, and I’m hoping to keep popping off those honor scores thanks to your videos Lou!

  7. Thanks! Good as always. If you tell us about what oil pattern you play on – that would help even more for understanding the ball motions in your videos.

    1. So I’ve said it before but I didn’t say in this video. All my videos are on THS unless I say otherwise like when I did my sport collection series

  8. Just had my purple tank drilled yesterday. It definitely lives up to it’s name & hits like a “Tank”!!
    I had the blue thrill punched a couple years ago & it never really grew on me.

    1. Yea the purple is a BEAST!!! The old Thrills honestly weren’t all that great. The new pink yellow one is so good !

  9. I LOVE my Purple Tank! If you are accurate with it the ball WILL NOT let you down.

    I haven’t shot under 220 with it yet.

    1. 🤫🤫🤫 I got something coming!! Patreons already know what’s coming though 😉 but yea that’s my Combat!

  10. MotivLou, Outstanding video sir, great job, question people get upset when urethane is used in league, for a slower speed, higher rev bowler such as myself would the Desert Tank and Thrill be good options?

    1. I don’t know why they get so upset it’s a perfectly legal bowling ball to use 😂😂 they just be mad that they have to actually make good shots now haha the Desert may be a good option as well

  11. Would these 3 be a good 3 ball league bag option? I’m looking for balls that are easy to control as I prefer control to larger hook potential.

  12. @MotivLou could you tell me the diff between then desert tank (brown one) and the green Venom Fatal?

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