Differences Between A Urethane Bowling Ball Drilled Pin Up And Pin Down! USBC Nationals Pattern!

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Today we are seeing the differences between a urethane bowling ball drilled up and pin down! We are bowling on the 2023 USBC Open championships team pattern!

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7 Comments on “Differences Between A Urethane Bowling Ball Drilled Pin Up And Pin Down! USBC Nationals Pattern!”

  1. WHATS UP LUIS! Got my 78u yesterday got it drilled and threw it in league lastnight averaged 185 across 3 games which is good for me and my first ever Urethane ball

  2. On the pin up first shot you missed inside by 5+ boards and then you followed it up with a comment of “See it has a night and day difference”… how can you say it has a night and day difference at that point? I mean I know there is a difference… but when you don’t deliver the exact same shot… on the same line… you cannot compare the two… you need to be hitting the exact same line… or very very close to it… like 1 board or MAYBE 2 boards… but over 5 to the inside… doesn’t tell anyone anything.

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