Difference Between A Bowling Ball Drilled Pin up and Pin Down | WEHN To Use Each!

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Today we are talking the differences between a bowling ball that is drilled pin up vs when it is drilled pin down as well as when to use each of them. Best use cases and surfaces for each!

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23 Comments on “Difference Between A Bowling Ball Drilled Pin up and Pin Down | WEHN To Use Each!”

  1. Another good one Luis to launch 2024! If I were to get an Eternity Pi, I would probably get it drilled pin down.

  2. Very informative. I think they both looked good going down the lane. Would pin down be better for low speed low rev bowler or pin up which is what I throw now. Also is league back tonight

  3. Great video. I will eventually get a pro shop to actually watch and map everything for me. Pap, axis, etc. Interesting that you had foot issues at Sam’s. I feel it’s the best approach in the entire city. Thanks for another great video

  4. Luis could you have accomplished the same thing by going to a shiny surface on the pin down layout on the burned lane instead of the pin up?

  5. The first thing I saw between each ball before you threw the first shot is that each ball has a different surface, one is shinier then the other, you could see it while they were on the table. It’s a know fact that ball surface has a bigger impact then layout!

    1. He mentioned that in the beginning that surface is a major factor before considering pin up or pin down layouts. You need to look at your surface of the ball and think how much reaction it will have according to the pin locations

  6. I love weaker symmetrical rocks drilled pin down for garbage time in longer format tournaments. When 190 is a good game I know they will get to the pocket. Sure they are trash on fresh patterns but don’t need them then

  7. I am the opposite, for fresh house shot at my local center I use a pin up length and backend layout for my forge fire. The fresh oil is pretty slick, then when the lanes transition I swap to my pin down pearl rhino pro gold vintage remake. It always works out for me, every house shot is different though depending on the oil machine they use, how much viscosity the oil is, and what kind of oil they use. My bowling style is stroker with lower revs, so I think pin up works better for me. Btw you made a typo in the video title, you misspelled “when”

  8. what i noticed at 20x 500. the pin to pap at 4 x 45 and by 70 doesn’t make much difference for me. but a short pin is my goto for alot of things. thanks again for all of your help. also its always been taught to go aggressive to not so much as the night progresses., but i have been doing the opposite lately with shocking results…..

  9. I have to disagree on the general effect of pin up vs down on RG on a ball with a thumb hole.

    On pin up, the thumb hole will remove material from the side of the core, resulting in higher RG and higher RG differential.

    On pin down, the thumb hole removes material from the top of the core, resulting in lower RG and lower RG diff.

    Overall the difference in RG is typically .01 – .02.

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