Did The Zen U Just Become My FAVORITE Urethane Ball?!

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The 900 Global Vintage was my favorite urethane bowling ball! Until I drilled this new 900 Global Zen U!!

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55 Comments on “Did The Zen U Just Become My FAVORITE Urethane Ball?!”

    1. Saying this is unfair though because most people never bowl on sport shots so I tailor my videos to the masses ya know. My original review of the Zen U I threw that on sport as well as house

    2. @Luis Napoles I think the comment is correct. Are you ever going to throw the Zen U on this part of the lane on house when bowling for money? Probably not.

    3. Unless u are a lefty I throw urethane (purple hammer) on sport shot and house shots in the 2 fall leagues I’m in as much as I don’t want to do it on house it looks really nice

  1. Great video as always! Makes me want to get a zen U. Can you start showing how the ball is drilled for us not knowing what 30x4x30 looks like? Thanks for all you do!

    1. Your pap will effect how it looks. Someone with a wonky pap will have a much different looking 30x4x30 than someone with a more traditional pap measurements

    2. For example I know Luis and Chris are almost both 5in over and 1/2 up. Not too much different between them. Chris’s pap will make luis’s equipment slightly stronger and earlier.

      I’m 3 7/8 x 1 5/8 up so for me his stuff would almost be a short pin or like 2.5 in pin, which isn’t ideal for proper ball roll and transition from skidz hook, roll.

      Luis’s drillings that are like 30×4.5×75 would be pin down for him, and for me it might still be above the fingers but still considered pin down.

      So hole locations are only relevant to the user it is drilled for. This is why when people buy used equipment and just plug the thumb and move it, they aren’t doing themselves any good. The ball should be completely plugged and redrilled to the users pap

  2. Super random. Was hearing you talk about the exotic gem during one of your streams. I shined up my Infinite Physix, would that now be too similar to the exotic gem? If so I may dull up the physix again. That gem sounds like it’s gonna be nasty

  3. I haven’t rolled my Zen U yet. Don’t have a go to urethane, still prefer low flare equipment over urethane.

  4. To answer your question Lou: My #1 Urethane ball is of course the Purple Hammer. It is also my #1 ball period. I am averaging higher with the Purple Hammer then any ball I have ever owned.
    BUT…I did order a Zen U and will put the same layout on it as my Purple and see how it Compares in all my leagues, House and Sport.
    Your video was really great. What I saw was the Zen U allowed better carry on all hits, good and bad, while the Vintage was more finicky and needed greater precision and did not carry the bad shots as well. When a ball carries a bowler’s mistakes as well as his good shots, that’s a ball you can trust. Also, I saw zero carry down effects.

  5. Hey Luis! Killer video! Absolutely awesome! Would love to see the ZenU vs the UC3 of even the Vintage vs the UC3.. Whatcha think?

    1. ok look I WANT to make that video I really do lol I just dont have a UC3 and cant get one right now with a newborn at home

    2. @Luis Napoles well that’s a dang good excuse to have haha. Well, if you ever get your hands on it, hope you can do that for us

  6. You already know which urethane is my preferred weapon of choice… it’s the Fastest Pitch here! 🤣🤣

    It’s definitely the hardest hitting one I’ve owned aside from the old Burgundy Hammer I used to own and it was a godsend once it got worn down because I didn’t have to loop it anymore unless I had enough room to the left.

    1. @Luis Napoles in Luke’s words, it’s #heckinurethane and I still hate it. But I can’t deny that averaging no less than 240 with it speaks for itself. 👀

    2. @nordattack yeah. 90% of my games I throw it, they don’t come out less than 240. If it’s less, it’s usually 230+ due to user error or an ill timed spare.

  7. I have an off topic question and I know you’re good about responding to comments. Do you know the reasoning behind the dress codes in tournaments and why slacks/dress pants seem to be the only options for men?

  8. Great video! I have a question, I’m a 2-handed bowler and I throw a hy-road pearl, I’m looking for something a little bit weaker, what woulc you reccomend?

  9. I love urethane reactions more than reactive balls. The ball that got me looking into urethane was the faball urethane balls then In 2003 my dad was a test staffer for visionary and even before I can remember his 2 favorite reactive balls were the green gargoyle, symmetric core( 2-300’s in the same season) , and the crimson Executioner that has the green gargoyle coverstock and was an asymmetric core , while urethane cover balls was the slate blue gargoyle that I thought worked well for my dad and the glowing amulet that was bright yellow and due to the cover being none radioactive chemicals to make it glow ( my dad was in Tennessee or Montana and he left the ball in the bag with a clear top and curtains open and at night it lite up the whole room) it was a collector edition ball and a hard urethane cover with the inner core of the gargoyle balls. And after seeing the slate blue gargoyle and the glowing amulet go down I fell in love with urethane coverstock balls and now I am soon getting a ball with a one inch pin so I can go straighter then when I get my shirt pin revolt havoc.

    1. @Luis Napoles my dad tracked out the green gargoyle. On Google visionary slate blue gargoyle. The easiest way to tell the green gargoyle and the slate blue gargoyle apart is the visionary logo color. The slate blue gargoyle has orange for the visionary logo and the green gargoyle has white for the visionary logo. If you compare them to newer balls the green gargoyle would be a mix of the early read of the marvel s and the length of the invasion . The slate blue gargoyle would be like the purple pearl hammer urethane for length but a little stronger core and weaker coverstock. And the glowing amulet would be very similar to the new purple pearl hammer with length but is a little bit faster while grabbing the lane a little more then the tank rampage you did a video with but the quick response of the purple pearl hammer. The crimson Executioner is a hard one but I would say like the pitch black .

    1. @Luis Napoles one that doesn’t mix additives to make it hook way more than it should. Like a uc3. They’re both not true urethanes. And they hook way too much and lose the predictability of a true urethane cover

  10. My go 2 Urethane Bowling ball is the Rubicon UC3 I love it because I love strong bowling balls and the UC3 was the ball for me and it’s in my bag till this day

  11. My first ever Urethane was the Hot Cell, that was a beast!! Now I’ve djust drilled the Purple Hammer and I for sure know that’s going to be a big taple in my bag for sure!

  12. Couple questions: What is Luis’ RPM and are thane balls suitable for bowlers who are speed dominant? I’ve been told that there isn’t much of a reason to throw any thane if you don’t have a lot of RPMs and although I’m improving my RPMs (the RIGHT way, by NOT turning into a spin biscuit), I don’t think I have enough to warrant having a thane ball in my bag.

    I only ask because I really like how the Zen U rolls.

  13. You can throw any ball especially if you throw it good it’s what it’s mostly about besides Urethane Balls last longer than resin since you don’t have to do anything to it resin balls that’s a different story

  14. I haven’t figured out where urethane should fit in my lineup. What situations is it good for? I’ve seen videos on short oil sport patterns but I’ve never bowled on anything but a house shot and the 2022 USBC tourney at South Point.

    1. My current arsenal is Ghost Lock solid, Ultra Bite Hybrid, & Code Master. I have a Dark Code and Idol Helios. I love that Dark Code from straight but the Helios forced me to slow my speed down unnaturally.

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