Darren Tangs Editor Jesse Challenged Me To A Match!

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Darren Tang has an AMAZING editor named Jesse and he challenged me to a match! I hope y'all enjoy this one!

Jesse Channel: @jessemakesfilms

Darrens Channel: @DarrenTang

Link to Jesse's march:

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41 Comments on “Darren Tangs Editor Jesse Challenged Me To A Match!”

  1. You guys are so good at bowling lmao. I’ve been bowling since 2016 and my average is still around a 180, its crazy to see you averaging a 230 in these matches

  2. So happy to see Jesse get more involved with the bowling aspect instead of always being behind the camera. Him and Lance during league are a trip lol

  3. It’s awesome when you guys on Different Channels get together and really help to get Bowling out there, and they Content is so entertaining as well. Ty Both

  4. The collab we’ve been waiting for. Need to have Lance challenge you next!! Love the vids on both channels, can’t stop watching. Love the league livestreams too. Watching your 300 this week I just got my IQ Tour from 2013 redrilled with a different layout, can’t wait to throw it in my leagues this week

  5. That’s awesome of Jesse to use his jersey as a giveaway! Glad to see him growing more and more in the bowling community. He’s an incredible talent! Good match Luis. Really enjoying this series!

  6. I feel like the collaboration of all the bowling channels I watch between each other channels has gone up. With that and my own house being busy as all hell all the time, I really feel like bowling is in a good place. This of course is anecdotal, but it feels great. Keep up the great work from both channels!

    1. I own a small house in Pennsylvania and 100% the game is in a better state than it was a couple years ago. I definitely think the content creators are playing a part in that.

  7. Man Jesse really has gotten much better compared to a year or two ago when he first started doing league videos with Darren. Love this series, Luis!

  8. What a video! Two legends meet and what a game! I wish you both much success!
    You both have come a long way! I really liked seeing Jesse throwing it down with you

  9. So good to see so many great channels developing, hopefully it’ll bring more attention to the sport and grow even more interest, hopefully more sponsorship so we can get back to more than just a couple of national pro events like it used to be in the good old days

  10. All the way from up here in Alaska, great bowling both of you!!!! Nice to see two of my channels come together to help grow the sport of bowling! Keep up the great content Luis. Well played Jesse, D-Tang would be proud of you!

  11. Love seeing Jesse step in on the content side versus sitting behind the camera. And all these bowling collabs lately have been absolute 🔥

  12. That was a great match! The gutter after the spare hurt a lot but the 7-10 stung the most. You could’ve gotten your turkey and continued on with the bonus to catch up. Jesse’s lucky strike in the 8th was huge as well, allowing him to get 28 points in the 9th. Overall, great match and hopefully next time it can be a 3 game series or at least 2 different lanes, league style.

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