Darren Tang Says The 900 Global Zen Soul And The Storm Phaze 2 Are Similar! Is He Right?!

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In todays video we are comparing the all new 900 Global Zen Soul to one of the best balls ever made the Storm Phaze 2! Just how similar are these bowling balls?!

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26 Comments on “Darren Tang Says The 900 Global Zen Soul And The Storm Phaze 2 Are Similar! Is He Right?!”

  1. Now this is one I’m excited for! My phase 2 is my all time favorite ball! I wonder if this will be worth replacing or having both in the bag can’t wait for your opinion!!

  2. I know this video will be awesome You pick 2 good bowling balls Can’t wait to see this

  3. This is like the moment right before RICKY BOBBY gets it on with the red head girl on the table !! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Phaze 2 is an old ball, but it’s slightly cheaper than the New Zen. Wish Storm would drop the price permanently on the Phaze 2.

    I bet they are closer than the Phase 2. Every Helios video said the same thing about it compared to the Phase 2. Stronger/shapes more.

  6. Another great video Luis…Thanks to you’re comparison I purchased my Phaze 2 to compliment my Helios. Phaze works for my game!

  7. Nice video Luis this shows for me I’m polishing the Zen Soul (Two parts pearl)and keeping my Phase 2 at 3000. Thanks for the information πŸ‘ πŸ˜€

  8. That damn Phaze 2! Perfecto. And I’m a hammer guy and not much of a storm fan for personal reasons lol. Great content as always and that zen is good and has a very nice controllable shape down lane ( from my eyes)

  9. Wish you would show the layouts on the ball. I know it depends on your pap but would still like to see the layout to get an idea of the layout. What is your pap rev rate and tilt anyway?

  10. I want to try one of these so bad but hard to justify since I’m done until end of August. May order it anyway. Currently have an Altered Reality, short pin Helios, and Raw Hammer pearl, along with some older B7 stuff

  11. I think at factory surface or lane shined the nova doesn’t stand out much, the moment that puppy gets polished it becomes a standout piece. Everytime i throw mine people ask what ball is it because it hits the corner and pins so hard.

  12. I want to buy a Zen Soul but I got nothing in my bag to replace any of my balls I really like my zen master
    I bowl my higest sreies with it was a 776

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