Darkweb Hybrid by Hammer | Full review with JR Raymond

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21 Comments on “Darkweb Hybrid by Hammer | Full review with JR Raymond”

    1. @harvey hernandez No. 2 houses are HPL and 1 anvil lane. The ball was just very over/under whereas the solid is a great control piece for me. I even tried to up the surface to 1500 and it still was flaky.

  1. Got to try this at a demo this week. Tried it on fresh and used lanes and just couldn’t make it look good from any angle. Was better on the used lanes though

  2. Here is my question. I see this with a different shape altogether than say, the Envy Tour, because you have a slightly stronger cover and asym core in the Envy Tour versus the Dark Web Hybrid. However, would you slot this equally to, or above the Web Tour Hybrid Edition?

  3. JR with cowboy reviews always bringing the content! Always coming in clutch and bringing us content.. this ball looks amazing, wish I was a fan of hammer I’d definitely add this to the bag.

  4. This ball looks righteous JR. As I sit here thinking I do not have a hybid in my bag. Maybe I will now though. Thanks

  5. when r u ever gonna do a ball review on hammer yellow radioactive vibe ball! that came out months ago

  6. and I know the pain! my old ball that hammer doesn’t make anymore ruthless! when I throw it awful and to far to the right. it wants to be hook stopie! when I go way left and thro it up 15 then it works good! and my amooth venom shock hook more then my Solid ruthless ball that has a strong cover stock 🤔

  7. This was very similar to the review you did on the Scorpion. Seemed like you could strike from anywhere and ball was friendly to manipulations with your hand and wrist. Would you consider the DWH to be a good replacement option for the Scorpion?

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