1. NRG Hybrid is about 10 steps up the Coverstock strength chart, compared to the R2S deep on the Absolute.

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball storm dark physix bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  2. Same coverstock as the original Physix right? Was kinda hoping the Fire Physix was going to come stateside. NEX Hybrid wrapped around the Atomic core sounds like $ to me.

  3. This is just a remake of the OG Physix. Love the color. Not sure if it will come to North America.

  4. Is it a Nex cover? Will find out’ I wanted the Fire PhisX so bad but it came and I noticed it on BM and bam it was gone that fast

  5. Well CB’ you didn’t say what the cover is?? But you did say U can roll it on a hse shot so if it did have NEX cover being a right handed you might be able to finish gm 1

  6. OG Physix was NRG Hybrid, but was 3000 abralon. I definitely like the black color. I have a proton physix at the top of my bag, followed by an infinite physix. I feel as though I’d be able to replace both of them with a Dark Physix (with 4K surface).

  7. I’ll stick with my infinite physix. It’s definitely the most versatile out of the whole physix lineup.

  8. This is nothing more than a re-colored Physix-M (also an overseas ball.) I mean literally, the exact same ball with a different color and scent.

  9. This ball is not coming state side. reacta-gloss is being pushed in overseas market just like you said eventually even overseas it will be only reacts-gloss. This was the perfect ball to put it on to start the OEM line of reacta-gloss overseas. Ball sold out super fast in both Korea and Japan.

  10. The rst-x2 gave a very similar blend of snap and round… Barely lasted a year. Everyone wants “skid snap.”

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