Dark Code VS Code Black | Reaction Testing

Chad McLean, Storm's Technical Director, tests the all-new Dark Code against the original Code Black:

“ReX on the Dark Code performs exactly how you would expect when combining R2S and NeX. More midlane, better able to handle heavier oils, and no shortage of zip on the backend. The Code Black is noticeably cleaner with a quicker transition on both of the patterns tested. R2S maintains the quickest response time to friction of all Storm covers. On these patterns, my feet were 4-5 boards deeper with the Dark Code with my speed consistent. The Dark Code blended the over/under better than the Code Black especially when the Code Black seemed to not pick up the midlane when I needed it to on the longer pattern. Higher ball speeds can benefit from the Dark Code thanks to its slightly more aggressive shell.”

Find out more about the Dark Code here:

31 Comments on “Dark Code VS Code Black | Reaction Testing”

  1. @ Storm Bowling, thanks for the video. Could someone on the storm staff do a test with the Dark Code to show the difference between a 4x4x1 drilling, versus an 4x4x2 drilling?

    1. What difference do you think you’re going to see with a 1” variance in pin buffer? Would be really hard to see on video

  2. Chad is so fun to watch bowl, especially with how many revs he can produce as well as controlling ball roll and playing in all different parts of the lane, best strike compilations.

  3. code black hooks alot later and could be used for dryer lanes and for people who bowl close to the edge

    1. @Storm Bowling I am not going to claim any performance difference but that CG is a full 4 inches right and a lot of balls would have the cg 2 inches left. That 6 inch difference is not “cosmetic” but “physical” as you are marking “core specs” with that cg marking.

    2. @scott long
      Why are you terrible at Golden Tee?
      Those quotation marks didn’t make up for your ignorance.

  4. That dark code likes volume apparently…. looked bad on the 4:1 but really good on the 6:1

  5. (“I love Storm bowling ball’s but they tests too many bowling ball’s on wood Lane’s STAR testing some of your bowling ball’s on synthetic Lanes test your bowling ball’s on both lane’s wood & synthetic”!!!).(” from yours truly worldwide 741 with 14/300 games”!!!).

    1. If you’re new to bowling, I would recommend a plastic ball to learn the fundamentals of bowling. The Ice is great for beginners if you’re strictly looking for a storm ball. You can’t go wrong with their urethane lineup either such as the pitch black and fast pitch

    2. Start in middle of the range and go from there. Look hyroad. Can’t go wrong. Very versatile and a staple for freaking ever… if your 2 handed you most likely need to control your Rev or get faster with accuracy work on your fundamentals then ball shop to your specs once established with reliable consistency. No one is a robot unless your CDB LJ PDW BELMO ETC.. close numbers and reliable repeat of shots then do your shopping to get your bag rounded out… MY humble opinion.. Best of luck and stay with it most don’t get to 220+Ave overnight…

  6. Why don’t you remake the code red like the dark code? Blood code or fire code. Rex hybrid!

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