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  1. Congratulations Jillian! At 16 you have a very promising career. Stay close to Storm and you will have a very strong couching team by your side. Ask for Tim Mack.

    Saludos desde México.

    1. @Max Pins for sure. She is already good enough to complete but I’m pretty sure she will bowl college and team USA and give the current ladies on tour about 5 years to prepare. The future is definitely bright for this young lady.

    1. Probably had to work with what she had available for the conditions, and didn’t have time to cut it to size.

    2. @ThreeTwo Victor Larger heel= larger surface area =more friction
      you’ll see a lot of tournament bowlers use the extra large heels (myself included) to achieve a quicker stop. The quicker you stop, the more efficiently all the energy transfers from your body and arm into the ball (increase speed, maybe increase revs for some)

  2. I love this kid. Just a joy to watch, sweet and humble. Such a fantastic ball roll. She’s a killer too, don’t be mistaken.

  3. Future Hall of Fame bowler in the making…product of better coaching and bowling opportunities afforded to the youth today!

  4. LOL Now I know why Jillian told me she couldn’t bowl the summer league because of her travel schedule. So proud of Jillian!!! Girl is on the move!!

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