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  1. Make a COLLAB with Anthony Simonsen, Kyle Troup and Jesper Svenson already!
    You know what, i got the names in my head.

    Jesper: Freezing Pitch (Urethane – Reactive Resin, Color(s): Ice Blue, Navy, Yellow)
    (Clutching through the lane, mid-lane control with Advanced Core For (mostly and J.Svenson) High RPM)

    Kyle: The StrikeDream (Solid – Pearl, Color(s): Copper, Yellow, Orange)
    (Slides on the lane with the utmost control at any kind style/rpm, wild back-end and goes in pocket more, a core which adapts on the oil)

    Anthony: Young Blood (Solid – Pearl, Color(s): Red, Dark Red, Platinium) …………….. (EDIT: yes, similar to Timeless :D)
    (Clutching through the lane, breaks greatly to the pocket, utmost control at any kind style/rpm)

    you are welcome! 🙂

  2. Lol he’s not 600 rpm. More like 550 570 which is a little more than I get 1 handed. 2 handers are trash

    1. @KINGTOKER yeah let me know how sad you are when a 16 year old south paw 2 hander rolls a 280+ against you for a title ha

    2. I’m not a two handed bowler, but a piece of advice for you, is just worry about your own game. Who cares about how someone else throws the ball? My sport shot league has lots of two handers but so what? It doesn’t affect me at all. You could throw backwards granny style for all I care.

  3. Sweet baby Jesus, a code with jespers rev rate AND storms backends… guy was hunting 10 pins on some of those shots. Crazy.

  4. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not liking the look of this ball, most examples so far the bowlers are looking like they have to do a lot of work (Jesper is so far around the ball in this vid to get it to hook) and it doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of hitting power

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