Dark Code | 4 Ways PRO EDITION

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🎧 Headphones on. Zone in. Time to beast.

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29 Comments on “Dark Code | 4 Ways PRO EDITION”

  1. Oh boy this is great! It loons like the code black with even more controllability, continuation, and a lot more earlier. Looks like it won’t stop going through the pins

    1. “a lot more earlier” doesn’t make any sense. Also, looks*

      So, what you’re saying is… Nothing like the Code Black?

  2. It’s Belmoooo! Congrats on the new baby! I’m sure this was filmed while he was still here, though. I wonder if that’s what was keeping him from winning this year, or if it was the house they were bowling at, or if was just an off year.

  3. Hey Storm love the new ball. It looks great going down the lane. I have a quick question. Would by chance this ball in the future be wrapped in the NEX coverstock as seen on the Axiom Solid, Hy-Road Max, Proton Physics? I love that NEX coverstock so much as I feel between that coverstock and this core would be killer for Tournaments and League!

  4. この二人が投げたらみんないいボールになってしまう❗️

  5. Looks like an updated version of the original Code Black. Can’t wait to get this ball.

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