Damn Good Verge Pearl discussion

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14 Comments on “Damn Good Verge Pearl discussion”

  1. Love the Vids! as a newbie lefty bowler, I want to build a 3 ball arsenal, i was thinking pearl, hybrid, urethane, I’m a low rev, slight hook type bowler, any thoughts and/or suggestion, Thanks! Avg. is 140

    1. With a 140 average, you should practice your spares before you set out to buy a whole arsenal. That’s what will improve your game the most at this point. You just need a benchmark strength strike ball and a plastic spare ball.

    2. Way to many factors (lane conditions, bowling style, ball speed, equipment you may already have and most important, your budget) to consider in bowling, than to “just recommend 3 balls. Talk a pro shop operator and have him/her watch you bowl a few frames. They should be able to guide you through the purchase process. Make sure the pro shop operator determines your “PAP” before drilling the ball(s) for you. If you’re going to purchase 3 balls make sure one of them is a spare ball. Don’t get hung up on having a solid, hybrid and pearl covers. Also, if you don’t have shoes, buy a pair and forgo a ball. Good luck as you begin your bowling journey.

  2. I really want to see how this ball does because I have the original Damn Good Verge. I absolutely loved the ball. I used it for my first main ball for the past year (as my beginner year) and it was able to get it done on dry house to heavy league patterns. Unfortunately, this ball has taken a greatly sized chip and has tons of games on it reaching the end of its life. I will definitely be watching how this ball performs to decide what my next ball will be. The other two balls I currently have are the Hammer Infamous and DV8 Hellraiser Return so I’m going to be looking symmetrical for the next. Possibly the 900 Global Zen, the same ball, or even the pearl version.

  3. Love the og….I changed the surface on it plus plugged and redrilled it was a staple for a while in my bag

  4. I got the verge pearl that got discontinued and that ball gives me a early read for a pearl but is more rollie for a pearl, got some shorts on my channel take a look.

  5. Another ball to compare it to is the Phaze 4. Both are low RG pearls at similar price points. Know the situation regarding the P4 but it is still legal to use in leagues and local tournaments.

  6. I have the OG DG Verge the ball was only good for mr on a fresh medium house shot. One to two games at most including moves. Had some really good scores but not great so unfortunately I put it back in the box when some of the newer equipment was being released

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