CoolWick Mystery Bag Opening & HUGE Giveaway! Bags, Jerseys, Mystery Bags & Many More!

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Todays Video is all about CoolWicks newest Mystery Bag! Today we will be opening them up to see what's inside of them and what we got! As a way to give back to the community I will giving away 3 Mystery Bags, 1 CoolWick Backpack and a CoolWick Quick Ship Jersey! All you have to do to be entered to win is Like this video Subscribe to the channel and leave a comment letting my know which product you want and WHY you want that item!

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23 Comments on “CoolWick Mystery Bag Opening & HUGE Giveaway! Bags, Jerseys, Mystery Bags & Many More!”

  1. I think it’s time for my first bowling jersey. That would be sweet. Always enjoy your reviews Luis. ✌🏼

  2. getting back into this sport after a 25 year hiatus….I still own the original Hammer 3D and a Beast Master and a After Shock..LOL..owning something this era to use would be nice. Fan of 900 Global balls currently..Just pulled the trigger on the Zen

    Keep up with the great work and videos

  3. I am getting back into bowling after a 35 year hiatus. I would love a new backpack to put my new gear in. Keep up the great work Luis. Love your videos.

  4. Glad you did this. I was on the fence about ordering one until I saw this unboxing vid. Keep up the good work!

  5. Super cool! I’ll withhold my entry so others have a better chance, Thank you for all you do for the bowing community! These gestures don’t go unnoticed.

  6. cool wick has the best bowling appeal out there, that why i like them so much. love the mystery bag idea

  7. I love the customizability of cool wick products. I just bought my first jersey, and can’t wait for it to get here, but I’m all about having things personalized! I’d be stoked to win, and would show everything off every time I go bowling. I’d love to win a backpack with my name and Motiv on it, so I can replace some equipment that is wearing out, and to also look professional whenever I bowl tournaments, but I’d still be happy with a mystery bag too. Love your stuff!

  8. Hey Luis, literally just got my first Coolwick jersey this past week. Been out of the game for 20+ years and just got back in this Summer! Would love a XXL mystery bag to continue expanding my apparel arsenal!!

  9. Love the idea of mystery boxes. Unfortunately the 900 global is out of stock.
    I would love to win a back pack, brought mine to nationals this year and it got destroyed in the shipping process and haven’t been able to get a new one just yet.
    Love the video and would like to see more if they continue to have these types of products.
    Great video!

  10. Received a mystery bag last week. Storm jersey, polo, and tee. Very happy even with only 3 items. Winning a backpack would be the perfect addition!

  11. My cousins help rekindled my love for bowling this past year. Living on a reservation we don’t get a lot of opportunities out here. Let alone only have 1 bowling alley in a 200 mile radius and it’s only open Thursday and Fridays. I’m addicted. I always tell my mom it’s better then me being addicted to drugs and alcohol. Bowling is my escape and I’m sure it is for many others. Mystery bag, ball bag, hoodies, beanies. Whatever it may be. I would love any of it. Just to be able to have the opportunity to win something like this is awesome Luis 👌 thank you.

  12. Wow, I just got back into bowling this year and my first tournament is going to be on Labor Day. It would do a lot for my coincidence to walk in with a cool new 3XL Coolwick jersey as opposed to a regular collared shirt. I haven’t considered my wardrobe until this video. That mystery bag is a huge value and I’m gonna have to use Napoles promo code to order one. Thanks, Luis and thanks Coolwick.

  13. Man I’m loving the mystery bag from cool wick. I’m looking to pick up a jersey from them as I’m starting to get serious about bowling after a bit of a hiatus and I’d like to look the part at the lanes! I think I’d do a 900 global bag to complement my newish zen soul! Thanks for the vids Luis keep ‘em coming!

  14. My love for Coolwick really is a no-brainer. They offer an unparalleled selection of bowling related clothing. They have all the biggest brands in an astronomical selection of styles. And when I say style, I actually mean it; this isn’t your grandparents’ wardrobe. Their designs range from cool, trendy, classic, funny, and everything in between. They seem to have something for everyone, even if you’re just looking to make your friends laugh with a classic meme, like the astronaut cat jersey.

    I genuinely believe Coolwick has made an impact on the bowling community; I love seeing different jerseys at league night. Yes, it’s just apparel, but those nights have just become overall exciting and fresh with everyone wearing their favorite gear. If we don’t want bowling to go away, we need constant innovation like Coolwick has offered to keep things fresh and fun!

    As for the contest, I would love a jersey for myself, for the reasons above!

  15. Been a long time follower of the channel and ordered my first Coolwick jersey using your suggestion and promo code. My favorite thing about the “Roto Grip Meteor Design” jersey I received is its functionality! These things are SUPER comfy and breathable which helps me out as my center here in Florida struggles to stay cool….not me tho 😎! Would love to win either the bag or another jersey to use at tournaments 🙏🏼

  16. Love Love Love these jerseys. Just getting back into bowling after 40 years. Always watching your videos great knowledge in the sport. Purchased a Storm Phase 2 on your recommendation. I know these jerseys will be the perfect addition to my equipment. Love the Coolwick products 😃

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