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  1. back in the day Mid 80s l used a grey angle, couldnt get a hard cover ball to go straight, past 20 + years its been a Brunswick T Zone. and l aways used the 3-6-9 old school corner pin rule to line up.. Being Lefty, l play lining up on 30 and play 3rd arrow on the left for the 7 pin. 10 pin. line up 30 board left toss 3 arrow on the left goign cross lane. though sometimes if l am off l will hook into that pin

  2. the problem i have is if i flatten my hand, even with a spare ball, i tend to throw it too slow, or drop it since i bowl no thumb 2 handed. with my right foot on 40 and targeting the 4th dot from the left, and keeping my speed up, i tend to find more success with my normal release

    1. I just have a slight backup and boom. The ball rolls completely straight/very slight hook. No need for spare balls at all

    2. @Stomping Peak if i work out i tend to just dump it with a flat hand slowly. cant keep my speed high enough otherwise. specially when theyre toasty (always)

  3. I’m working as a bowling coach, I teach my adepts that they should shoot straight at almost all single pins. In sweden, you usually travel 2-3 times a month to other bowling centers. By shooting straight, you eliminate many factors. All there is, is for you to make a decent shot.

    Also, I tell them that I don’t really care how they make their spares, as long as they are feeling comfortable and make a decent amount of spares doing their way.

    In the end, bowling is all about knocking down pins, nothing else.

  4. I used to go from corner to corner being a lefty. But now I flatten my hand using the first ball, But have a spare ball polyester using that being on the 3 arrow, kind of how Parker bohn lll does’ but now I’ve been using a urethane ball? Your thoughts thank you

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