Controlling BIG Hooking Backends – #MoMonday

It's #MoMonday!

Today, Phil discusses what you can do when the backends are hooking a ton and are difficult to control.

As always, if you have questions or comments, leave them below and you just might see it featured in a future episode!


10 Comments on “Controlling BIG Hooking Backends – #MoMonday”

  1. Question for next momonday.

    Do you literally mean change surface (with a pad) or change surface by taking another bowling ball because last momonday you said we should not change the factory surface?

    1. I believe last week he was saying not to change the surface before you ever thrown the ball. He recommended only changing surface after a fee games if you still did not like the reaction

    2. @Garrett Fussell you are absolutely right but still. Then you ran into today’s topic in league and change surface and you are forever gone from factory finish, a surface you might like. I don’t think this topic suits happy amateurs they might get confused and make really bad decisions without knowing it.

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