Comparison Between The 900 Global Exponent and Roto Grip Tour Dynam-X | Two GREAT House Shot Balls!

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900 Global Xponent and Roto Grip Tour Dynam-X are two of the newer bowling balls in the lineup! Both balls will be great GREAT house shot options for the upcoming league season!

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15 Comments on “Comparison Between The 900 Global Exponent and Roto Grip Tour Dynam-X | Two GREAT House Shot Balls!”

  1. Go to HS ball, Zen…

    In the bag, phaze2, IQ tour solid, Zen, Burner Pearl.

    I am looking for replacement of burner pearl

  2. Really enjoyed this video. Especially all of your feedback while bowling and afterwards. Can’t decide which one to buy to replace my absolute probably

    1. I polished my Global 900 Reality. Works great on house. If you polish a Tour Dynam-X, could be good Absolute replacement.

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  4. My go to house shot ball is the Idol Cosmos for straighter angles, and for swinging the lane I use the DV8 Collision. Both of them work amazing, and I’ve shot 250+ with both of them. The Collision is my favorite ball tho, as I threw my high game of 288 with it

  5. Awesome job with the review! Chris Barnes threw the Tour Dynamx on a short pattern and he killed it. My ball this year will be the Zen Soul. I will play around with the Absolute and Eternity for League, but the Zen Soul is money!

  6. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball 900 golbal xpoeent bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Luis

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