Comparing the Urethanes | Fast pitch, Purple Tank and Purple Hammer

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15 Comments on “Comparing the Urethanes | Fast pitch, Purple Tank and Purple Hammer”

  1. What are your thoughts on a pro shot not giving me what my layout on the ball I buy from them that they also drill?

  2. If you can find a Badger Infused, I’d like to see your thought on it. I think its best Urethane type ball out there. Wish they would remake it.

  3. A wonderful video!!! Thank you so much for doing this JR. Finally, some valuable urethane rating information!

  4. I know its discontinued, but would have loved to see a roto grip hot cell. Not a lot of reviews on it. Plus one of the few urethane with an asym core

  5. Hey JR,
    Great video! Which of these 3 balls would you say is the better option for nationals? Not sure if I’ll be able to get a purple hammer in time because we’ll be out there July 4th weekend

  6. Which one would you suggest for someone with lower rev and higher speed who wants to play straighter?

  7. Hope you will be able to test the new purple pearl hammer coming out soon versus the previous purple pearl hammer. : )

  8. I know when you did your tank blitz review you said that reminded you of a purple hammer, does that still stand or has your opinion changed

  9. You said the layouts are “basically the same, within a 1/2 inch”. What is that layout? (Roughly)

  10. Good video ! Thanks ! Let’s note that the Purple Hammer is probably not exactly urethane though 😛 , and also has a box finish of 500-1000-2000, while the other two have just 1000. So you applied a 500 abralon to different surfaces, so the end surface was a little bit different. But great video overall !

  11. Would have liked to see the Big Bro Burn Up in this comparo. I watched your comparo with the Big Bro Burn Up and the Purple Hammer

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