Comparing The Two Best Asymmetrical Pearls! Exotic Gem & Infinite Physix!

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The all new Roto Grip Exotic Gem and the Storm Infinite Physix are the two best asymmetrical pearls on the market! Today we will see how they stack up to one another!

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49 Comments on “Comparing The Two Best Asymmetrical Pearls! Exotic Gem & Infinite Physix!”

  1. I like them both, but I just bought the infinite yesterday I felt like that one would work better for me and good replace for my old volatility torque

    1. @Luis Napoles I’ve been working on it myself! So easy to get off balance, but so hard to get it back. Have a great day! Maybe one day catch ya in vegas…lol

  2. I shot 709 last night with the Exotic gem! That ball is pretty good. Compared to the infinite physics the Exotic gem is more rolly more tumbly a little slower off the spot then the infinite is for me

  3. Very good video. Was waiting to see what you thought of the exotic gem. My coach is suggesting that since I already have the infinite to go with the storm fate as the second ball. Right now that is the zen master or wolverine then third ball is hyroad pearl

  4. I preordered an Exotic Gem for myself, its tough to see what i would like Best cause i have a bunch of 2 finger bowlers for friends, so its tough to differentiate.

    However i will be keeping in mind that how the 4k reacts to the Gloss. thanks for the Tip.

  5. The Infinite Physix is one of my favorite balls. Love everything about it. It’s the first ball out of my bag in league.

  6. I’ve been loving my infinite physix. It has thrown me 2 of my highest games this league season. 280 and 266. I just need to have the confidence to move when I hit transition which is tough because it can come late. One day I’ll hit my 800 series and I hope it’s with the infinite

  7. This is a great video. It is incredible how much stronger the Exotic Gem cover is to the Infinite Physix. It’s kind of surprising how strong that Gem really is.

    I will say this, I am *eagerly* awaiting a hybrid Gem with this Microtrax cover.

  8. Nice video. The infinite physic looked so good. I’m looking for a ball to replace my (very) old track strike machine.

  9. Its hard to say what’s stronger when you’re on a house shot. I bet the infinite gets more traction in heavy oil. Storm has it ranked the second strongest coverstock and top 5 strongest core. Sometimes it’s deceiving to see a strong ball on a house shot because itll skid because theres not enough oil for it to gain traction. Like snow tires in the summer.

  10. Can you please do a comparison to they hyped pearl and the Roto grip hectic please I have both id like to see your thoughts on both in my opinion id take my hectic 10 out of 10 times in my opinion the best ball ever made😊

  11. I have an Infinite, love it just like the rest of the PhysiX series. But I just got my hands on a Pure PhysiX, so I don’t think I’ll need a third ball to fit into the same mix

  12. Hey Luis, can you do a video comparing the Zen Soul vs the RST X-3? I haven’t seen anyone compare these two hybrids against each other and love your videos.

  13. I have an Infnite Physix – have scored well with it in league, I also have the Gem, love it and WILL get the Exotic Gem soon

  14. I won a Revenant tonight in a ball raffle but I’ve been thinking of trading it for an Exotic Gem. Thoughts? Lately I’ve been taking my Zen, Night Road and Infinite with me to league.

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