Comparing The Storm Journey and Roto Grip TNT Infused On A PBA Sport Shot!

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Storm Journey and TNT Infused companion on a 42 foot Pba sport shot!

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8 Comments on “Comparing The Storm Journey and Roto Grip TNT Infused On A PBA Sport Shot!”

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball storm journey bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Luis

  2. Yes on sport. Everything looks too similar on House oil. Sport provide different looks and motions especially for those that go to Nationals etc.

  3. Nice video Luis! You are filming these with an iPhone? VERY impressed. NBC is real. New ball carry. Can’t wait to see you throw this tonight in league. Drinking ALL of the Koolaid with this one. Oh yeah! – sport shot or house shot, it doesn’t look too different. It depends on what you are more comfortable with or what’s easier to get.

  4. That journey gave you like 10 boards miss room down lane. That’s crazy! Also, any time you get, bowl on them sport shots in practice. It’ll make the house shot a breeze!

  5. Less on house shots, the balls are all on top of one another anyway. The more challenging patterns show the differences

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