Comparing The Roto Grip Magic Gem & 900 Global Reality! Two BEST Bowling Balls For Fresh!

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Comparing The Roto Grip Magic Gem & 900 Global Reality! Two great options for fresh conditions as well as heavy oil!

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26 Comments on “Comparing The Roto Grip Magic Gem & 900 Global Reality! Two BEST Bowling Balls For Fresh!”

    1. @Ricardo Alarcon needed a strike in the 9th and double 9 in the tenth for 800. Missed a 10 pin and empty bucket πŸ˜‘

  1. COOL video talk tech bowling bowling Reality and Magic Gem more hitting power more strike more spare and nano technology bowling bowling ball Luis cool tech talk bowling …… before SCOTTY THOMPSON TROLLS this video video talk bowling Luis ……..

    1. @Luis Napoles Thanks for the “L” Luis …. guess it doesn’t bother you for Scotty Thompson to TROLL your videos like he does EVERY other bowling video on YOU TUBE. I had been telling people to subscribe to your channel …. but since you gave me an “L” no more …. in fact, I have supported YOU from day one …. but now I’m going to rethink this …. besides that, you have NO IDEA exactly who I am …. let’s just say I bowl on the PBA TOUR and am well known by you and everyone else. People like Scotty Thompson YOU DON”T NEED on here …. he’s nothing more than a TROLL. He TROLLS everything from your channel to Sarah klaussen, to Darren Tang, PBA, PWBA, STORM, Beef and Barnsy and on and on with his inane, ridiculous comments. SO my friend, thanks again. Good Luck with your channel, hope you grow it …. but I am unsubscribing …..

    2. @Ibpsupplyman Scotty is autistic, he’s not trolling this is how he communicates. I appreciate the support you have shown me I truly do. But I can’t get behind bashing someone and calling them a troll when it’s the only way he knows how to communicate. I hope you can understand where I’m coming from.

  2. I believe that guy heard about subscribing and didn’t want his ball to crack or you mesmerized him with being a famous bowler

  3. My Reality is polished, and it has worked great for me…The Magic looks like it might just be what I wanted from my polished Reality….If I had the Magic, I guess I could go back to surface on my Reality….

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