Comparing The Roto Grip Clone With The Exotic Gem! Strong | Clean | Angular

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Comparing some of the strongest bowling balls in the Roto Grip lineup the Clone and Exotic Gem!

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23 Comments on “Comparing The Roto Grip Clone With The Exotic Gem! Strong | Clean | Angular”

  1. The roll on the Clone appears to be more continuous into the pocket where the Exotic Gem looks more angular into the pocket. Great video!

  2. Thank you Luis πŸ’― I’ve been thinking about adding an angular more smoother ball in my arsenal to pair with my eternity and summit..

    Lol I know saying I need something angular when I have a summit sounds crazy, but the summit reads very early and I want something smoother in the front and still stores energy on the backend.. Great content as always Lui πŸ’―

  3. Hey luis. Great video. I have gem and exotic gem. Cant use gem more than 1 game. It over hooks or burns up to fast. Was thinking reality over clone? Or am i gonna have same problem?

    1. Reality weaker then the gem and proton for me throwing the gem and clone the demo balls the clone reminds me of a stronger ufo alert weaker ufo solid

    2. Ty for feedback. Does Reality get more down lane reaction than your gem? Im more speed dominant..lower rev. And gem is way early for me

  4. JR Raymond said the same thing about the clone and how strong it is… I was just at South Point and I struggled at the arena, but did okay at the center with the Eternity.

  5. Great video Luis. Great to see you throw, at Sam’s. Nice message about knowing your house lanes. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ––

  6. Hustle Wine-Hustle M+M, ball just matches up with my high revs really well vs the exotic gem or duo is more situational for me, the Wine or M+M i can use on anything it seems, i want to grab the clone and knock the shine off it and hit it with 2000, RG has too many polished pieces right now

  7. I been following u for a min and i gotta say ur game has improved, way more consistent and man u can string strikes together. Keep it up. I also love the Exotic Gem.

  8. Luis, when you say these balls are strong, I understand that term to mean that the cover stock reads the entire lane, hooking early and round. I’m somewhat confused because these balls scoot through the oil, conserving their energy, unlike a β€œstrong” ball which uses up its energy on the lane. Help me out here, brother.

  9. Both balls are impressive. Your timing and release were impressive, too. Good video. Considering the Clone.

  10. Which video did you talk about the new drilling angle and surface change to the Exotic Gem? Great video for these 2 balls.

  11. Lol, I love how you mentioned you had 7 strikes in a row and then the next shot you threw you missed way in. It’s just like a pitcher in baseball with a no-hitter or perfect game going, you don’t say anything! πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Luis! Great video! I just found out that there is a Clone released as an overseas ball. The only difference is that it has 2000 grit finish oob. Will that give a bigger difference from the Exotic Gem? I’m thinking this can be a replacement for my Gravity Evolve Solid Asym (sanded/matte finish) slot. I already have the Exotic Gem for the solid asym polished slot. Will it overlap with the sanded Clone?

  13. im thinking about getting a clone…but I have an infinite physix already so im wondering if they clone would work well in the same bag?

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