Columbia 300 Take Down Classic Review vs Chaos Black (1-handed and 2-handed) by

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We break out the classics… We test a new Columbia 300 Takedown on a typical house shot (THS) both 1-handed and 2-hands styles.
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7 Comments on “Columbia 300 Take Down Classic Review vs Chaos Black (1-handed and 2-handed) by”

  1. Enjoyed the throw back! Have you committed to the 2 handed style for league and tournaments? Thinking about making the move myself.

    1. @rondogg04 it is. It’s a volume issue. After wrist surgery, I can not get enough games in to compete effectively. So if I get done 2-handed in it alleviates the pain so I can keep the number of games down. Not sure how it’s gonna work yet as I’m not bowling a ton at all right now but 2-hand is very effective on long patterns for me.

    2. @TamerBowling I see. In my case, I’m trying to get my speed up to about 15. If I can get there, I’m done 1 handed. A bit of a challenge at 48 y/o. Lol.

    3. @rondogg04 same basically. It’s too challenging on shorter patterns without enough speed. Longer patterns, it’s awesome. I’m at the same speed 1 as 2 handed right now.

  2. My brotha dusted off his old Columbia 300 rock x and is killing it rolling 200+ regularly . Oldies are goodies

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