Columbia 300 Power Torq vs Storm Phaze 2 | In Depth Comparison by Luis Napoles

In this comparison we have the Storm Phaze 2 and the Columbia 300 Power Torq! Both of these bowling balls are great benchmark symmetrical solids!

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12 Comments on “Columbia 300 Power Torq vs Storm Phaze 2 | In Depth Comparison by Luis Napoles”

  1. Power Torq all day. With the phase 2 that’s a common storm shape. Boomerang off the spot down lane. C300 is a versatile brand. They have different strokes for different folks. The shape is going to be a little slower which is the common c300 characteristics. Especially with a ERT cover stock. The dynamic swings and the Baller were all the same cover type, just but the same blend. All not Flippy at all. The power Torq is the most flippy of them all.

    1. @amleto300 the phase 2 is a lot more forward at the end of the pattern than the Power Torq in this comparison. So the core layed down a lot harder when it encountered friction creating more angle through the pins. Again, this cover on other c300 products is slower.

  2. Feel like the phase 2 would come into play more often, but the power torq has a nice control element to it. Curious how you would compare the HB Intensity to the Phase 2. I understand one is symmetrical and the other a low end Assym, but are they compliments or overlapping shapes?

  3. I have the Power Torque from your original video review. Never through a Phase 2. Love the Power Torque but can’t play it standing left of 22 doesn’t make the turn probably because I’m a full roller with not enough hand. But right of 22-17 as you say out to the friction I’ll kill it

  4. Zone 1 I think if you check you were a few boards left with the Power Torque than the Phase 2. Outside that they both look the same. I have to say my opinion it looks that Phase 2 may recover a little sharper down lane Zone 3

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