Columbia 300 | Power Torq | Righty vs Lefty | Ball Review

BowlersMart's Andrew "Dadler" Adler and Mike "FloridaMan" Meeks both throw the POWER TORQ, the latest symmetric solid bowling ball from Columbia 300 bowling! Watch a rare Righty vs Lefty comparison of the new POWER TORQ with multiple angles, commentary and more!

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9 Comments on “Columbia 300 | Power Torq | Righty vs Lefty | Ball Review”

    1. @Bowlers Rant It is, Straighter is greater oh where did l hear that from. oh yea. those Lefties. Norm Duke and Walter Ray :). love using this mind game on guys it works. old lefty here, when l struggle with angles l move left and up 10 to 5 works everytime get away from the slop have to being rev dom. drilling most of my things. 90×1.75×45

  1. The Lefty jabs were awesome in this video. However the right-hander was too deep as it wasn’t showing a lot of continuation for a benchmark ball. Could be layout but mostly too deep.

    1. You have to understand that center. That place forces you inside because the backends absolutely fly in that place. I have bowled there many times and even my Deep Freeze works best playing 3rd arrow. I have no chance playing close to the gutter with anything other than a short pin layout or you have to be pretty speed dominate. My short pin Messenger gives me that chance as I am closer to second arrow with that ball. Short pins are great for higher rev rates in that center. I would like to see a comparison video with the Outlook Solid.

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