Columbia 300 | Explosion

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The new Columbia 300 Explosion is a mid-priced ball with a ton of performance! The Explosion uses the proven Resurgence core that has been a staple in the Columbia 300 line since 2007. This ultra-low RG core has been used more than any other core for Columbia 300 because of its versatility. Balls with the Resurgence core perform with lengthier and stronger covers, and pairing the Resurgence core with Reflex Hybrid makes the Explosion a quintessential benchmark ball.

The Explosion is available starting 01.27.2023!

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12 Comments on “Columbia 300 | Explosion”

  1. Cool tech bowling bowling ball coulubia 300 explosion with dynamic core technology More strike and spare hitting power at time

  2. I have no doubts that this will be amazing ball. My benchmark ball is my eruption pearl and the ball just has the perfect read in many house shots I’ve tried around my area. The resurgence core is nothing far from brilliance for c300 bowling balls.

  3. that ad has been the same for every ball from every maker for last half century lol they all do the same damn thing…

    1. Exactly. Same stuff different day. They want you to believe the tech is revolutionary, but it’s the same stuff with a different name and color scheme. The USBC puts maximum limits on ball specs. The manufacturers can call the tech whatever they want, but it has limits.

    2. They do if you’re bowling on typical house shots all day. Go to some more difficult sport shots; you’ll see the difference guaranteed

    3. @XenoGuru lanes only 60 feet.. theres only so many ways a fkin ball can go down and make a turn to the pocket lol.. bowling is dead anyway.. 2 handers killed it

    4. @Nick Neff Different coverstocks, cores, and weight blocks change the way the ball hits. Example: if you’re hitting the pocket and getting nothing but flat tens regardless of angle adjustments; you may have to switch to a different ball so it hits slightly different, in order to get the ten pin out.

  4. When they have 3 colors, it would be nice if they told us if it was 2 parts solid/1 part pearl or 2 parts pearl/one part solid. But I really like this ball motion and may get it to replace my Scorpion (also a 3 color hybrid).

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