Columbia 300 | Atlas

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Atlas is the newest addition to the Columbia 300 line of big hooking
performance balls!

The Atlas starts with a new core design that has a higher RG, Differential, and Intermediate Differential than the Speed core. The Atlas core is designed to help the Formula 1 solid cover perform on heavier oil conditions, produce an exceptional backend and drive through the pins.

With the 500, 2000 SiaAir finish, the Atlas will be best suited for medium to heavy oil conditions.

The Atlas is available starting 07.13.2023!

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10 Comments on “Columbia 300 | Atlas”

    1. Yep it moves so much that Belmo and Osku can shoot at 10 pins with their plastic and makes them with no problem. And for your next act you will try to convince us cars with 500HP can still get traction with cheap tires on wet roads. 🤣

  1. How does this compare to my Command Solid? The core looks like you copied it and added a weight pancake on it.

    I know my ball is: 2.513/.053/.021


    1. The Puck on tha Bottom is gonna give you more length. And you Should get a tad bit more continuation. Probably a Board. The difference between hitting high Flush and almost making it lol ;D <3

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