Choosing A Complementary Bowling Ball – #RadicalRundown

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We're back with the #RadicalRundown!

This week, Phil talks about how to choose a ball that will complement a ball you already have in your bag. This is more specific to beginners who may only have one ball in their bag and curious to which way to go on their next one.

Questions? Comments! Post them here!

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4 Comments on “Choosing A Complementary Bowling Ball – #RadicalRundown”

  1. I try to look at numbers and fill spots in the bag. The Hitter is on order and will be the only solid in my current lineup.

  2. So, I’ve lost my reaction from my benchmark ball, original sneak attack. I’m an Older Lefty that is rev-dominant because of my slow ball speed. My next step up is an outer limits and I have an issue getting this down to the pins, coming in high/splits. I’ve got a crypto boom undrilled and have been putting it off because I don’t want it to be too close to the outer-limits but need more reaction than my sneak attack

  3. I’m using a Radical Squatch Pearl symmetrical, looking to replace this ball with an updated one which ball would compliment this ball. I was thinking the radical deadly rattler, what do you guys think. Any help is appreciated

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