Changing The Surface Of the Absolute and Revenant = Game Changer!

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SURFACE is the number one way to change the ball motion you are getting out of a bowling ball! More than the core even because the core doesn't physically touch the lane like the cover does. So before you sell or plug your bowling balls try changing the surface first!

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49 Comments on “Changing The Surface Of the Absolute and Revenant = Game Changer!”

  1. I prefer most polished pearls and hybrids at 4K wet sanded. Got a 221 last week with 4K on my Gauntlet Fury.

  2. I’m hoping for a demo day soon, I wanna try the Absolute before I buy! My Dark Code is still killin it 🙌🏾

  3. I have 550+ rev rate one handed and two handed and I don’t use polish on anything. I also bowl on higher volumes most of the time, however, I still like to hit my “would be polished bowling balls” with a 4000 pad

    1. That’s funny because I’m the opposite. He’s an excellent bowler, there’s no denying that, and I enjoy his commentary/information/opinions. I’ve just never liked the throw it half-way down the lane style (yes, I’m exaggerating). I also don’t blame him though. I’m short, so laying the ball down is likely a bit easier for me than it is for someone his size. Ha ha!

    2. @Nevin Kinzel I don’t throw if half way down the lane, it’s 1/3 at most lol. Thanks though. I wish I got it down earlier but my knee doesn’t like to do that

  4. I think the Absolute is gonna be a total miss. Even with surface I don’t think the cover is strong enough for the core. I haven’t seen a review yet that makes it look better than any other ball on the market – or even to replace something from a few years ago – for a particular use case. The Revenant is interesting but I think the Fate does what it does, but better.

  5. The absolute seems to be quite speed sensitive. Is that just my perception or do you think it’s a thing?

    1. Def a rev dominant ball it seems like. Even Jr pro shop has a decently high rev rate and makes that ball look so good bc it does have a lot of good backend

  6. cant wait to get the revenant tomorrow! i will throw the revenant out of box but probably put it to 1500 polish from pro shop and just let it lane shine

    1. @Luis Napoles new high score of 280 today with night road. it is the NOAH ball after all. lol. revenant will haunt those who doubt!!! 🙂

    1. Update: I think the ball is a solid piece. It does what it’s supposed to do if your execution is good on transitioned shots.

  7. I’ve thrown two balls with reacta gloss, I didn’t mind the Electrify go, but the Fate was iffy. I sanded the Fate and shinned it up with Xtra shine from Storm and I’m loving even more now

  8. I personally did a surface change on 8 of my balls. Based on how I perform, I’ll probably annoy a few people for putting a 500-grit surface on my urethane balls.

  9. I got my Absolute. Tried Luke R’s suggestion and changed the surface to 1000 and put storm step 2 on. First ball went right into the gutter. Will be knocking off the polish. I’m a higher speed lefty with a decent amount of revs. Shot 754 last week with the Reality Check and shot 767 this week with the Phaze 5. Hope I can find a home for the Absolute.

  10. Thank you for your videos. Really great reference for me. Quick question, Luis. I’m a league bowler in Indonesia, with a 3 ball arsenal, currently using the STorm Alpha as my strongest arsenal, MVP Roto grip and Hyroad. I am thinking to renew these arsenals, probabbly starting with the alpha and hyroad (two of the oldest ball I have). To replace the alpha, would you recommend the absolute, supernova o the exotic gem? And to replace the hyroad, would you recommend the revenant? To be honest, I’m inclined to get another hyroad or night road, simply because the I have always find the hyroad to be really versatile and very reliable. Thank you for your opinion.

  11. I’d like to see a similar review on a lane that isn’t fresh. Neither of these are a ball for the fresh, though there is some argument around it being a house shot versus a burned-up sport or challenge pattern. Either way, always enjoy the vids and the insight!

  12. I have a Idol cosmos and when transition the ball really hooks early. I’m looking for something that will get down the lane a little better was thinking revenant or iq ruby currently using venom shock as my benchmark which would you recommend?

  13. I have a phase 5, and I used reactor scuff and then came on top of that with a 4000 grit pad. I really like how it looks now. Before it was a little too uncontrollable or sharp on the backend.

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