Carbide Tank with EJ Tackett | MOTIV Bowling

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EJ Tackett takes the new Carbide Tank out on the lanes and compares it to the Blue Tank and Tank Blitz. You will see in the video that the Carbide Tank is the earliest rolling and strongest ball ever made in the Tank line!

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26 Comments on “Carbide Tank with EJ Tackett | MOTIV Bowling”

  1. Hi

    Im Alex from germany and im in Bowling for 43 years.

    Can you make a Video where this balls where polished.


    1. Polishing this ball isn’t really a good idea imo. Polishing urethane is not ideal either. It might look cool but the reaction will suffer.

  2. hi nick pahr, what is EJโ€™s layout on these balls? Now I missed your previous style of ball review๐Ÿ˜…

  3. What an original logo…a pentagram inside a circle…only a zillion products, teams and company logos have use the pentagram. How creative!

    1. I certainly would not call that a pentogram. It’s a classic star logo that is a call back to the star logos found on classic US Tanks.

    2. Itโ€™s a piece of American history and there was a circle for a reason not because of ur assumption of a pentagramโ€ฆ.

  4. My tank rampage with a high flare layout shines up with in 3 games and looks like I put polish on it to have it at 6200 grit while before having it a 1500 trucut

    1. we have a new anti-lane shine technology that we’ve created for this ball that helps to prevent lane shine. We’ve been tracking data closely for our staff balls in the field and have found a significant difference between this ball and previous balls!

  5. First game with the carbon was my first Dutch 200, also ive always wondered what would happen if you mix mircocell and reactive a new HYBRID maybe?

    1. There haven’t been any PBA majors since its release. We’re looking forward to the PBA season starting later this month!

  6. I know its a different brand but i have storm u-clean and iโ€™m wondering if that would work to clean it? If not, then what should i use to clean it?

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