Can You Build An Arsenal With Only Phaze Bowling Balls?! Featuring Chris!

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The Phaze lineup of bowling balls is among the most popular around! Chris and I will find out if you can build an arsenal with just the Phaze balls!

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52 Comments on “Can You Build An Arsenal With Only Phaze Bowling Balls?! Featuring Chris!”

    1. looks great, smells great, rolls great! Plus could he just throw phase 5 in replacement for phase 3 or are they that much different? I’ve never thrown a phase 5 so I don’t know.

    2. @yolomuffinsplease Phaze 3 is a hybrid, so it should be a lot different from the Phaze 5. I haven’t thrown the Phaze 5 though either, so idk for sure.

    3. Now we know for sure it’s more important to get views than than put out an honest ball review with epic false advertising such as this.

  1. Just got the phase 2 and can’t keep it on the left side of the lane. As a lefty my game is not 4th arrow to gutter but I am hoping it will get better after I get some more games on it. Looks like it will be my go to if hyroad pearl is struggling to get to pocket

  2. Any tips to get the ball out right? I feel like i struggle to get the ball out to the right without shooting straight into the gutter

    1. @Frankie Morales Then the easiest way to get it out right is to make your first step with your right foot cross your body slightly because this will allow you to open your hips and shoulders towards your target, which should be an arrow. If you’re throwing it out too much to the right,t hen your arm is probably not going straight towards your target, so you would need to make your swing path straighter and follow through straight as well.
      Watch Belmo in slow motion for the step over. Darren Tang actually just posted a two handed tips video that has some tips that should help you with this, he actually references the Belmo step over too.
      Hopefully this helps

  3. I like the color of the phaze 4 just wish i was strong enough to throw a ball thats more heavy then 10 pounds. would a true beginner need a 3 ball Arsenal or is starting with 1 ball good enough?

    1. One ball would definitely be enough just starting out. Having two balls is nice to have though for options.

  4. I have a phaze 4, love the smell of it. Had to put 3000 grit to it but don’t use it now ever since I got my super nova

  5. PHAZE II is my go to ball currently. If I hadn’t recently bought a ZEN, I probably would have bought the PHAZE V.

  6. I got the phase 4 recommended to me before all the issues… I don’t bowl any tournaments just league and I love it 🤷🏾‍♂️ the smell is amazing too ❤

  7. Phaze 3 is my favorite. Traded my Phaze 4 for it. Disappointed you didn’t have one for this video. Never tried a Phaze 2.

  8. Is that an Ocoee hat by chance on Chris?? looks just like my alma mater black and gold Ocoee Knights baby! Lol

    1. @Chris Stones the no green on it had me thinking maybe but yeah ocoee used the Oregon O for our symbol haha

  9. Hey wats up Luis!!!! Yeah I have a Phase 3 and honestly took me a minute to learn the ball and after learning it, I love it because it’s strong and honestly for the medium or dry lanes Phase 3 would be my choice.
    Well it’s between my Wolverine or Hustle Wine for the dry

  10. It’s so tough to get a good reading on these balls to see the differences when it’s a house pattern designed to allow huge miss room. Would love to see some sport patterns if that’s even possible.

  11. I’d really love to see a redo of this with a fresh phaze 3 before they are hard to get new. I feel a 2 3 and 5 is a perfect bag arsenal in it self

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