Can You Beat Luis?! Match 2 Highest Scoring Game So Far!

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Week number 2 of "Can you beat Luis!" I am starting a weekly series where I will bowl a one game match un cut and if you beat me you will win a CoolWick jersey! Shoot 300 vs me and receive any bowling ball in the SPI lineup! Got what it takes to beat me? use the link to discord below or message me on Facebook and we will set up a date and time!

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43 Comments on “Can You Beat Luis?! Match 2 Highest Scoring Game So Far!”

  1. Good chemistry here he’s good on the channel ask him what he says to himself in his approach sounds like maybe he says wait??

  2. Don’t know if you can but it would be nice for you to edit in yalls scores on the bottom of the screen so we can keep track during the game maybe just have it pop up after every shot.. otherwise great video

  3. Andrew has a great game. Smooth approach and excellent balance at the line. His mechanics are very good.
    Congrats again Lou! Be thankful he did not throw that Trend the whole game.

  4. Here is and idea that would be great for your channel and others . Get you , the House; ) Packy and his crew; Darren Tang, 200 avg guy. Have a fun tournament and have subscribers pick parameters maybe spin wheel or only spare balls.

  5. Loving this series so far! Like most of the comments, the added score on the screen would be a bonus “quality of life” for the viewers. Happy new years!

  6. Andrew is my dawg! Fun to watch this matchup. Future matchup idea, Andrew’s brother Rene, next time he’s in town. After the rematch of course!

  7. Great content it’s nice to see you going against someone that is a good bowler and makes for a good competition video not like other content creators that just want to go against bowlers that aren’t close to his skill level and putting them on a sport shot they have probably never bowled on before. Good win

  8. Great vid, like the new inclusion of the mid shot comments! Don’t know if you can but an occasional graphic of the score during these challenges would be excellence. Appreciate all you do!

  9. I’m coming into Vegas for SYC Feb15-20. I know Darren lost to a 13 year old a couple months ago so you could hold this over him when you win!

    1. @Luis Napoles I sent a message in discord and submitted an application via your form. Ty is looking forward to this!

  10. I would love to play a game against you in Las Vegas. I might have a chance if you spot me 65 points. Great video. The competition videos are great

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