Can You Beat Luis Episode One! Challenges Welcome!

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I am starting a weekly series where I will bowl a one game match un cut and if you beat me you will win a CoolWick jersey! Shoot 300 vs me and receive any bowling ball in the SPI lineup! Got what it takes to beat me? use the link to discord below or message me on Facebook and we will set up a date and time!

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49 Comments on “Can You Beat Luis Episode One! Challenges Welcome!”

  1. The ratio on that pattern at south point seems like it’s crazy high from your videos and Darren Tang’s. You get it inside target and it practically flags the head pin sometimes

  2. Luis’ little ballerina kick he’s developed the last few videos trying carry cracks me up everytime 😂. Everyone’s got their own “please carry” leg kick lol

  3. Lou, I know you are fast forwarding the video to save time, but I actually really enjoy hearing all the smack talk and chatter back and forth between shots especially when the girls (dynamic duo) were there. It is longer true, but to me more enjoyable. Congrats on your first win.
    Perhaps it would be more interesting in these challenges if you treated them like a duel.
    Challenger has choice of weapons that BOTH opponents must use. Not allowed to change from chosen ball. Just a thought. 😉

  4. Hi Luis! I would love the opportunity to meet you and possibly bowl you!! Keep up your great content!! Happy holidays!!

    1. @LuisNapoles  Awesome!! I appreciate your time and consideration. Let me know where and when. Once again happy holidays!!

  5. that’s a great series – definitely a cool idea and i’m sure you’l have people coming out from everywhere to challenge you. i wish i lived in vegas just to bowl with you doesn’t even have to be like htat – although i’m going to reno in May wish Nationals was in Vegas

  6. I might bowl you if we both get warmup shots and bowl on a pair. Florida is a long way from Vegas, though. Should be a fun series.

  7. I’ve put forward my request to take part in playing Luis on his channel in the discord, Hopefully Luis picks me, as i’m flying all the way from Scotland to compete in the TAT on the 6th of February, please sub to my youtube as i will be filming my experiences at the TAT.

  8. Love the idea! Looked like Chris’s best shot(before the 10th) was the shot he pulled-same with Luis’s… There looked to be more hold inside, near 15… I’d love to do this, but Minnesota is a ways away from wherever you are… LOL 😆

    1. @Luis Napoles bowled in the High Roller about 28 years ago at The Showboat… I bowled in sweepers with Chris Barnes and Patrick Healey Jr… That was the very early years of Reactive resin balls(X-Calibur, Turbo X) were the 2 balls I brought out there… I wasn’t rich(actually sold “stock” in myself to coworkers to get the $500 to bowl) or had sponsors… After the 1st sweeper, I saw guys like Barnes and Healey go straight to the proshop and have plastic or low hooking urethane drilled… That 1st round was BRUTAL!!! Single elimination or you are done… I couldn’t keep the reactive resin on the lanes and was 1 and done… I went out that night(2am) and threw a 756 on the same pair I had shot a 155 in the 1st round… Had I been filled with cash, I could have had a white dot or Yellow dot punched out and maybe made a run… That was my only bowling in Vegas…

  9. I see Pac Man in the reflection in the mirror 😆 that’s awesome. Another great video guys. Merry Christmas.

  10. My advice to you is you really need to work on your accuracy. 1 ball is out to the 1-2 board and the next is inside of 10. Never hit the same spot twice. Hard to get a good read on your ball reaction when you are all over the place.

    1. I’m not a robot haha you’d be surprised how inaccurate everyone is when you start recording every single shot

  11. I’d be down bro! I just need to figure out when I can get home. Any house you want in town. But fair warning: you will DEFINITELY have a hard time with me at Orleans. I still have a good blueprint of the place just minus 18 lanes. 👀🥊🥊😁 #homecenteradvantage

  12. You should try to work it out with D Tang that if the person beats you for a jersey they get to go against Darren for a ball or a lesson.

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