Can This Limited Edition Bowling Ball Compete With The GOAT!

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The all new limited edition Storm Sun Storm and the goat bowling ball the Storm !Q Tour Solid have one major thing in common, The core! Todays video we will see how much the actually have in common on the lanes!

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44 Comments on “Can This Limited Edition Bowling Ball Compete With The GOAT!”

  1. Luis A ball video where you drill the same ball different ways would be great. Happy Holidays to you and yours +

  2. Wow, that Sun is an EARLY ball! Like a urethane ball. Very, very forward and strong.
    Good for the fresh if played down and in from the right for one game then change into the IQ.
    And yes, would love to see a short pin or even and Axis Weight layout ball in action.

    1. My teammate had it and loved it for about 3 months. Now he hates it LOL! I keep telling him balls don’t react out of the box forever. Get used to the smoother motion. He keeps getting new balls.

  3. Very interesting comparison 👏. My pro shop still has the Sunstorm available too. Happy Holidays to you. I look forward to all your recommendations and excellent ball videos in the new year .

  4. love this vid! the way your breaking down what you’re seeing and doing. plus you’re game has improved a ton since i started following! awesome stuff

  5. More people need to understand the strengths and benefit of SPEC is that you don’t HAVE to chase the pattern or transition left. So when everyone else is moving deeper and deeper, exposing themselves to potentially nasty splits, and trying to play extreme angles… SPEC lets you just sit in your comfort zone, and throw on top of the friction all day long. SPEC is built for people who like playing straighter, who struggle with open angles, or who don’t have the revs or tilt/rotation manipulation to make deeper angles work most effective.
    But most importantly, Storm needed to make it far more clear, that SPEC was a Urethane alternative, and not some new extreme reactive ball. I truly feel SPEC’s poor reception from consumers, was bad branding on Storms marketing department.

  6. Threw my sun storm for the first time during league last night, 691 series out of the box, to me it has a clean urethane shape without It being urethane, it definitely hits hard, I brought my iq tour with me as well but I was able to throw the sun storm all night which is rare for me in this league as the lanes tend to transition quickly. Overall it’s a solid ball.

  7. Just love the C3 core. IQTS is my 700 ball, only reason I don’t have one now is because I have an Emerald and an IQNP which are still rolling great for me. Unfortunately this Sun Storm will probably be in the same boat. Not much need for it when I’m doing majority of my bowling in one house on house shot, and I have a bad matchup issue with really strong formula symmetrical solid balls like the Helios and ZM where I can really only use them on flatter stuff. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s more expensive than the IQ, and for the same or similar price I’m gonna get something like an Infinite Physix instead.

  8. Great vid. These 2 balls really show what a stonger vs weaker cover formula does. Glad I saved my money on the Sun, but I spent it on overseas Marvel Maxx Tour lol. Can’t wait to see what it can do for me loving my 7-10 arrow shots. Drilled and on the lanes for practice this coming week 🙂

  9. SPEC has always been a slower-response cover. It’s why it worked great on the Pro-Motion and the Crux Prime. You can see what kind of effect it has with that IQ core. Should be fantastic on 38 or shorter sport patterns.

  10. I would love to see some short pin or “trick” layout balls as I call them. For me, anything over 5″ is too long and lazy and 3″ up to just under 4″ produces relentless shape that I find rarely usable. I’d love to hear/ watch your thoughts on using different layouts for niche scenarios

  11. Another excellent video! And now…. The Revenant! Spectre and Revenant review please! I already pre-ordered it 😂😂😂

  12. I just took my IQ to a 4000 polish and I love it. I bowl in a high friction center and out of box it was just starting to hook too soon.

  13. The ball motion on the ball and how smooth it is it really reminds me of how the pro motion would roll for me

  14. I threw my SunStorm on a house wall … it’s a great reaction. I really like throwing the ball .. I agree with your statement “it’s the ultimate control ball”. I’m a little upset at the fact a bunch of the red paint in the logos has started falling out after 2 games.

  15. Making me want to bowl! That SunStorm looks like it would fit in my bag… I threw the SuperPowerPearl and the VirtualGravity… I wonder if they even fit me now?

  16. It looked amazing when you got right, it held pocket, you could play in the friction.. Ordered mine yesterday.

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