Can This Bowling Ball Compete With The GOAT?!?

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The Storm Phaze 2 is easily one of the GOAT bowling balls! So how does the Phaze V stack up?

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54 Comments on “Can This Bowling Ball Compete With The GOAT?!?”

  1. Time will tell… It may compete with the G.O.A.T. for some, might not for others. Either both Phazes are a must have in the bag!

  2. Just got the phaze 2 yesterday and it’s drilled to go long and snap on the backend. I tried bowling with it in league and there was not enough oil on the lanes to hold so it just hooked like a monster

    1. This is exactly why I polished mine up… now it gets down the lane and is still controllable and just crushes the pins.

  3. Got one of the storm demos Saturday and gonna try the night road, zen soul and phase V and figure out what will go with my Paragon and Zen

  4. This video is speaking to my heart. I just got my first Phaze 2 in the mail yesterday and a Phase 5 is set to ship out on Friday.

  5. Phase II always good, I have the Honey Badger Revival for a step down from my Zen Master and Zen. I have (3) Phase II stashed for when my Zen Master gives up ( Can’t get it anymore unless you pay a lot more on line to get it) Hence if you like something get a couple extra. Luke suggested the Hyped Pearl as a good ball as a step down so can you compare the Phase V with the Hyped Pearl.

    1. I’m torn between the Zen and the Phase2. I’m a lefty and I don’t have a lot of hook I kind of throw it like Norm Duke! So which one would you suggest I should get. I currently have a Track Stealth.

    2. @MALIK BKLYN BORN Not knowing what you bowl on or the shot that makes it hard to suggest a ball, what I can tell you is that the Zen is the ball down from my Phase II. The Zen will go longer than the Phase II with more angle possible, core #s on both balls are very similar it’s the cover that makes the biggest difference in them. I too don’t have a lot of revs, Ball speed 15 down lane and 325 revs but my ball normally has great continuation which then gives great carry. Storm continuation layout of 4x4x2 works great for me.

  6. Hey Luis, loved this comparison video! Love all the vids! Super random question, so I only have a CRUX Prime ball and an Altered Reality ball, and I play in a 3 game league, which ball order would you say I should start and finish with? Thanks for your help!

    1. Assuming similar layouts, Crux is earlier and smoother with the way strong SPEC coverstock and as the lane breaks down and you want to move left, the Altered will allow you to push it out and get it back with bad intentions. You might keep a lower grit on the Crux (2000) and a higher grit on the Altered (4000).
      That’s my two cents! 😁

    2. @Luis Napoles Thank you Luis, I appreciate your words and taking the time to answer, keep killing it brotha! I love your insights of everything!

    3. @nordattack i appreciate that soooo much! thank you, i currently have the AR at 2000 finish, but i can def try it at 4k, thank you for that recommendation. I will try that set up and ball order at my next game! thanks again!

  7. All the new stuff that keeps coming out, and my Phaze II is still a staple. I keep mine at a fresh 2000 after every 16 to 20 games.

  8. very keen to see rst x2 vs phaze v vs hyroad pearl

    saw that you did the rst x2 vs zen awhile back but it seems like phaze v is more similar to the rst x2 in shape and length, anyways keep up the good work and hope we see this comparison luis 🙂

  9. I’ve had the Phaze 2 since 2016 every ball purchased since then I’ve struggled with, it’s just a go to ball and for my style it seems to be the only ball I can throw constantly. Phaze 5 looks interesting but then again I always have hope when I purchase something new, just gets expensive to spend $270.00 on a ball and have it become a Anchor in your bag. Phase 2 i would have no Problem purchasing again.

    1. @Luis Napoles 2 Phase II an option one at 2000 other with a light polish and you can bowl on most house and many tougher conditions just maintain surfaces every 6 to 9 games to keep the difference between the 2

    1. I would love to see your Phase II polished vs your Phase V with this surface… I wonder how close they would be..

  10. Watching the Phaze V roll, I see a lot of Idol Pearl similarities. Hopefully that is true because I am hoping to replace my Idol Pearl with this.

  11. Great video. Thanks for posting. It helps me make my decision on the Phaze5. Great addition when the lanes transition from the Phaze2.

  12. I’ve had my Phase 2 for a year. It was doing alright. After wathching Luis’ video on changing ball surface, I put a 3000 pad on it then polished. This is something I can duplicate. Within a month went from a 185 to now 205. Accumlative still at 196 but at this rate will be in the 200s. I recieved a Phaze 5 for Christmas but have not had it drilled. NEVER waited this long to drill a ball. The P2 in the bag a goat. As bad as I wanted the P5, I dont know what to do with it. Meeting with the pro shop to determine.

  13. After using my 5 for a couple tournaments now , you are absolutely right , when i transition from the 2 , I grab the 5 and go 2 and 2 left to start.

  14. Hey Luis, I’m looking at getting a new ball and I usually go with motiv. My benchmark is the motiv covert revolt that has done me well since I started using it Many years ago.
    I’m looking to potentially get a storm phaze 5 but I’m not sure. I’m sort of torn between the P5, the P2 as everyone says it’s a GOAT or possibly the new motiv venom black.
    Do you have any advice for me? As I’m really unsure what to do!

    1. @Luis Napoles thank you for the reply! I’ve been advised I could do with a hybrid ball, so I’ve been looking into the black widow 2.0 hybrid. It looks awesome but sad you haven’t got a review on it yet! Get on it bro 😁

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