Can The Night Road Keep Up With The Longest Running Bowling Ball On The Market?!

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The Storm Hyroad is the longest running bowling ball on the market! Today we will see how it compares to the new Storm Night Road!

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52 Comments on “Can The Night Road Keep Up With The Longest Running Bowling Ball On The Market?!”

  1. I’ve noticed so far (at least in the 1st 12 shots on the fresh lane) that every shot you threw that you didn’t like, you didn’t execute wrong with your hand. You didn’t throw a bad shot, you just lost balance at the foul line.
    And would you say the Night road would be a good step down from the Idol Cosmos?

  2. I like your videos just a question why don’t you ever do a review on a sport or challenge patterns? Everything looks good on house and unless you’re very knowledgeable about watching where a ball picks up all the reviews look the same no matter if it’s a high performance ball or low end.

    1. So there’s lots of reason but here’s the most commons reasons why not: Most people only bowl. on house shots so no point in putting out a sport shot. There’s literally hundreds of sport shots so me deciding what pattern to put out based on the ball goes against what my channel is about (I show every shot no matter what so I bowl on whatever is out there) also its not easy to consistently get a pattern put out

    2. 90% of people are gonna bowl on house shot so videos like this aren’t supposed to be for a select group of people who wanna see sport shot, but you can find those videos. If you had the knowledge or if you’re not able to see it, each ball thrown has a different roll and reaction even on house despite being major or minor cause we don’t know what the house shot is nor lane surface of the alley but we can trust his judgement and opinions and look at the ball front to back instead of side to side. You just have to have an open mind and not be picky just cause it’s not house or sport.

    3. @Luis Napoles I get that 90% of people bowl on house shots but if you’re just going to show what a ball does on house it’s not showing anything about the ball except it all balls unless it’s urethane or plastic will have same results. You can throw a low end piece like a hustle USA on a house shot against a night road or proton physics and you’ll get same results if you are consistent with your shot. Maybe just mix it up and instead of just fresh house and burn you can also do a video on sport or challenge to show the real differences between balls.

    4. @Pete Freezy Bowling I am not saying all the time but if you’re throwing a high end ball or a ball that is mid to high range it’s pointless to show it on house and to say oh it picks up early but same results. Doing lower end or mid balls for house is what it is but doing a super nova, or x3, or reality check on house is pointless unless your only goal is to show the ball looking good and not showing how the ball reacts on a short pattern or long pattern. That’s all I am getting at and I know he is under SPI so if he has a review of a ball on a challenge pattern and it looks horrible they won’t be happy.

  3. The Night Road acts like my Hyroad pearl after I resurfaced it from 1500 grit/polish to 1000 grit/polish-not a fan of the 4k finish. Not considering getting the night road as the resurfaced Hyroad Pearl is so close to it, it is not needed.

  4. iu think the “no hook” take came from the fact that storm releases a bait video of the nightroad covering half the lane from deep. seems misleading to me.

    1. All the videos they put out show people hooking the ball half the lane. It came from some people posting memes about the ball not hooking which are not true LOL

    1. @Luis Napoles ty. that was my guess. time to watch your pin up vs down comparison for the zen again. which do you usually prefer to throw. especially when you have to get right of 20 at the arrows?

  5. “The night road doesn’t hook” is receiving more attention than it deserves. It’s a stupid comment and should be ignored. I haven’t even seen it said anywhere, so the only time I’ve heard it is from people making videos referencing it. Let’s just agree to throw it in the trash and forget it ever existed…

  6. So I have to ask something as I’m trying to learn and understand what balls work for me and obviously with the price I cant buy to many, but for someone lime myself who cranks the ball but with the way I release it, I tend to hook early and have a hard time pushing my ball down lane. I’m starting to think that I in weaker balls that i can push down lane then let them snap of the friction. I know you cant really answer as you’ve never seen me throw a ball, but after this review and the way you were describing the ball reaction I’m think Strong is actually wrong for me. As always Great Review and description of the balls.

    1. Steven my buddy Chris is a VERY high rev rate player and he’s gonna be featured in some videos next week! I def recommend staying tuned for that so you can see some high rev rate recommendations

  7. Cool video talk tech bowling ball storm hyroad with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Luis

  8. Night Road seems like it would be a niche ball. It’s not replacing the hyroad or hyroad pearl and if I need something earlier I’d probably get a better look with an iQ.

    1. For me it gives me the hyroad and Hyroad Pearl motion but sooner like I dont have to wait AS long to get into those balls. not earlier as it hooker sooner just literally getting into to faster than I can with the hyroad and pearl

  9. You mentioned you bowl league at South Point, curious to what is the first ball out of the bag there for you. My league always sweeps there from So Cal

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