Can ANYTHING Compete With The Storm Phaze 2?!

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The Storm Phaze 2 is one of the greatest bowling balls of all time! No question about that! This overseas Roto Grip RST X2 Squad has a VERY similar ball motion and in this video we are showcasing just that!

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47 Comments on “Can ANYTHING Compete With The Storm Phaze 2?!”

  1. I keep looking at the Phase 2 but have yet to pull the trigger. I have the Ghost Lock Super Lock and Zen Karma. The Super lock is a beast and surprisingly very versatile. I have a Code Master on the way…

  2. if only the squad is missing left then it is hooking in the heads when the 2 is clearing them imo. Love the videos. Happy holidays and go viral on youtube my friend.

  3. Hi Luis, been enjoying your league night streams. Can I ask you your opinion on a camera I should buy to record myself practicing? I would like to watch it back on my laptop which is windows based. Price range less than 1k. Thanks for your help.

  4. I have the axiom solid which for me reacts a lot like a slightly stronger phase 2. Tried to get my hands on a x2 squad but they were out of them, hopefully they will get more of them, but I kinda doubt it.

    1. What surface is on the axiom? Mine is currently at 1500 but might try 4000 because of the weak pin down layout on it.

  5. I’m about to dive deep into overseas setups. My buddy got a few. I just got my wife a hammer obsession super. And Im grabbing a phaze flow for myself. Stronger cover than phaze 2

    1. Unless you understand slight nuances in bowl motion, overseas collecting is probably not beneficial on the lanes. They are EXPENSIVE. As someone who has a bunch, there is little difference between stateside and international. Infact, a good majority are just a different color. If you have the extra money or just want to collect, go for it. As a whole, not really an advantage on the lanes to have overseas stuff though.

  6. Idk why but when I’m watching the X2 Squad it really gives me Reality Check vibes. A stronger type of ball but doesn’t over react. Might be another worthwhile comparison

  7. hey luis im looking to get a stronger ball for the fresh for league. in your opinion would a phaze 2 be good or should i go for a stronger asym solid. im currently only throwing a motiv pride but looking to start getting some storm balls

  8. Random question, how would the phase 2 compare against black widow 2.0?
    I’m not sure why. I’ve not about a phase two yet but he looks so awesome. I’m going to have to get one. Just want to make sure it’s not overlapping with the black widow

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