Building A Six Bowling Ball Sport Shot Arsenal | On 2021 Hardwick Oil Pattern

Todays video is all about building a six bowling ball arsenal for the PBA Hardwick oil pattern! I am bowling a PBA Regional next month and need to prepare! The balls featured in this video are; Ebonite Polaris, Hammer Obsession Tour, Motiv Pride, Columbia 300 Power Torq, Brunswick Melee Jab Midnight Blue and Storm Trend!

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14 Comments on “Building A Six Bowling Ball Sport Shot Arsenal | On 2021 Hardwick Oil Pattern”

  1. Are these 6 the best 6 you can choose, or could you have chosen among fewer brands and achieved a similarly strong Arsenal?

  2. This is a great line up, but I would like to see the dark code in place of the power torque or the melee jab playing that same line after you have friction built up to the right of you

  3. I want to thank you for the great video review you did on the Melee Blue it’s been a long time since I’ve thrown my last 300 but it almost happened last night out of box first game first frame rap 10 pin then went by back 11 for 758 series. This is one of the best balls I’ve ever thrown in a long time. I also have purchased the Power Torque and that goes tonight in another house with more oil lane volume. I hope for the same success !!!

  4. I absolutely loved the trend but it went a little too long for me most times so I knocked it down to 2000 and it really looked good for me… so sad it just got discontinued but at least we have the trend 2 to look forward to! UFO alert is a ball you should consider bringing too… shiny ball that blends the pattern really nice!

  5. Is the torque a decent ball? I know Columbia used to be my favorite company like 5 years ago but idk how their new stuff is. Heard they moved

  6. I’m sorry I just can’t hold it in any longer. You look like nick avacado with that mask on. Sorry I’ve kept that in for too long I had to say it.

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