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  1. Just finish my thought here on the Ember from the chat. The Ember will essentially have the same length but it’s if you want less backend angle. So it’s not really a ball down from something like a Ghost for a breakdown situation.

  2. Great Video! I have Motiv balls for all of your categories except the mid defined, where I use a Storm Phaze III. Which of the current Motiv mid defined balls is closest to the Phaze III?

    1. Thanks. Tough one. I’d probably have to say the Ripcord Launch is the closest. Tough shape to match, especially when moving brands.

  3. Recently bought my first Motiv ball Mythic. It’s the most useable ball I have. Different patterns, no problem.

  4. As a beginner to sports shots, still having trouble knowing how to put an arsenal together. Like if its a 45 foot pattern, with 25 mils of oil, but most of the oil is in the front, do you need a smooth control ball with a lot of surface. Or a strong defined pearl?

    1. You have to use practice to help you decide where to start. Shapes of patterns can vary significantly which can lead to alternatives in lane play. You need to play them a bit and build a library of lane play for yourself. When you come across a particular pattern, you can do some research on lane play for it but your specific lanes will dictate how it plays.

  5. Great content as always. Question for you, I carry a 4 ball arsenal with 2 of those spots dedicated to the jackal ghost and my plastic spare ball. My other 3 I rotate in are the T10, the Supra Enzo, and the new primal shock. Based off of your video seems like the Enzo can hold its own spot and maybe the most overlap is between the T10 and primal. Between those two and based on the other balls in my Arsenal would you lean one way vs the other? Or am I wrong about the Enzo deserving a slot? Thanks again for all of your insight!

    1. What’s interesting is all 3 have some level of overlap. Primal will be the strongest, the T10, then Enzo. I’d probably go Priam and Enzo to create enough space for a good arsenal coverage.

  6. Ghost, Mythic, Sky Raptor, VIP Affliction, Launch, Recoil, EXJ, Desert Tank. I switch out these depending. Also have a Coral, forge fire, sigma sting. I still play around with. Have a Primal, black, and rally not drilled yet.

  7. Good stuff Tamer! I wish you had the Pride solid. I know it’s not in the current line up but what a great ball for me on the left. So versatile. I can’t really comment on Motiv equipment but since I’ve been using the Pride solid it has piqued my interest in Motiv. That being said I only bowl on house shots or burned up house shots so something like the Ghost is just too much. I’m thinking the Pride Empire just makes sense. Thank you Tamer I love how you make us think about equipment and it’s place in our bags.

    1. Pride straddles the line between strong control and mid control. So you can always build around that. We did test the pride solid but it’s not in the lineup anymore so didn’t discuss it.

  8. It’s really hard to make a list like this when so many gems were discontinued in the past couple years, Tank Blitz chief among them. Trident Horizon would be in my bag for sure as well.

    1. I kept it to active balls but honestly it’s not hard to include discontinued balls. Just put them in the part of the bag they belong and don’t look at a similar ball reaction. So if you have a trident horizon then don’t look at the sky raptor, mythic jackal, or ripcord launch. People get into trouble when they see a ball they REALLY like and want. They get it only to now be confused when to use it compared to a similar slot they already have filled. But then a used ball always rolls different than a fresh one so then they’re even more thrown off.

  9. I just got the Trident Odyssey, I have the Paranoia, and Venom Blue Coral. I was thinking about the Pride Empire and Black Venom.

    1. Pride empire probably adds something different to the bag. Black venom and coral are too close imo in terms of use case.

  10. Do you have any thoughts on ripcord launch vs pride empire? They seem and look like the exact same ball

    1. I put the ripcord launch in the mid defined category whereas the pride empire I had in mid late. That essentially implies the launch can handle possibly a bit more volume. Shape wise the launch feels a bit more hook set while the empire is snappy and a bit rounder. I honestly would not likely have these 2 in the same bag.

    2. @TamerBowling the ripcord launch is an almost perfect analog for the phaze v and melee jab carbon, being marginally later with marginally less flare than the storm or Brunswick equivalents. All three balls are fairly early and fairly round symmetrical pearls.

      The asymmetry of the pride should make it roll forwards quicker than the launch, but it’s in the kinetic black ice realm of being too insignificant to really matter at all.

      The balls fill virtually the exact same spot in the bag and overlap basically 100%. Motiv is making some incredibly weird decisions in their lineup as of late.

      Yeah, we’ll put out two benchmark pearls, but we won’t even bother to compete with the phaze ii and knockout. We’ll give you a hyper strong symmetrical pearl and an incredibly strong asymmetric solid that’s basically unusable, but we’ll go years without putting out a strong asymmetric pearl.

    3. @Iceman511 sky raptor is their strong asym pearl as is the mythic jackal. I think phaze ii is very hard to replicate but is needed I agree. Forge ember is meant to fit there but it’s not quite the hit.

    4. @TamerBowling sky raptor isn’t asymmetrical though, and the mythic is a hybrid. The raptor still doesn’t turn the corner as hard as something like the absolute or QEP, and the mythic is earlier than either imo

    5. @Iceman511 raptor turned harder for us than the absolute. It definitely fit in the mid defined category, even though on paper it’s not an asymmetric. It rolls very hook set.

  11. Motiv’s lineup is very strange at the moment, with a lot of gaps and a lot of overlap.

    The pride empire and ripcord launch are the same ball, for all intents and purposes. It’s like carrying a melee jab and a kinetic black ice, there’s just no reason. Pick the color you like more

    Same goes for the sky raptor and mythic jackal, though the jackal is going to be quite a bit earlier

    The forge flare is way out in left field, similar to the track stealth when they really needed a phaze ii equivalent in the lineup.

    The primal shock and venom shock likewise, where the primal just has a stronger core. 75% of ball motion is due to the cover, meaning that the difference between the balls is marginal. The primal is supposed to roll earlier, that’s it.

    Even the black venom doesn’t really fit, when you already have a venom shock. It’s just a bit stronger cover. Pick one or the other.

    The jackal ambush and ghost. Same thing, if you want a ghost the hooks in your back swing, get the ambush. If you’re reasonable, go with the ghost.

    It explains why EJ throws the venom shock so much, he doesn’t have a choice.

    1. There’s a lot here and I can agree with a good bit of it. At the end of the day, that’s why I created this video, to help people look at what compliment vs overlap and help make informed decisions where you spend your hard-earned money.

  12. Can anyone roughly describe to me in the difference in board the black venom, jackal ghost and the primal shock will cover. I am not sure if my rev rate is high enough to use a black venom on a medium-high volume lane because I more of a speed-dominant 2 hander with a jackal ghost. Thanks

  13. awesome video! I’m a Motiv-only bowler, so this is perfect for. My bag is currently Revolt Uprising, Jackal Ghost, Blue Coral Venom, Pride Empire and a spare ball. Uprising or Ghost are the first out of my bag, I love how the Blue Coral Venom can be a versatile style and the Pride Empire gives me that late kick I need. Probably will add the Black Venom soon.

  14. Hey Tamer, I really want to thank you for your videos. I had a problem with bowling balls and overlap. Way to many and a struggle to narrow down to a six ball bag. But your Arsenal building 101 has been an eye opening video! Hands down the easiest way to understand Arsenal building. Thank you for all you and your team do 🙏🏽.

  15. Jackal Ambush (pin up right), Sky Raptor (pin up deep), Primal Shock (pin up deep), Black Venom (pin up above bridge), Purple Shock (pin in palm), Blue Coral Venom (pin up right) Fatal Venom (pin up above bridge), Supra Rally (pin up above bridge)… Which five should be added to the arsenal bag along with the spare ball (Laser Sniper)?

    It will be sport shot (medium and long WTBA patterns).

    1. @TamerBowling I listed two different arsenal bag options before asking you to see if we think the same or not. I’m surprised to find out that we got the same list. Option 1: ambush, sky, primal shock, venom shock, and supra rally. Option 2: Sky, Primal Shock, Black Venom (1000 Grit), Venom shock, and supra rally. I’m glad that we think the same thing.

    2. @J9Dalton I like option 1 especially because you mentioned a medium long sport pattern. Don’t know the volume but I think you have good coverage.

  16. I’m a two handed bowler and looking to expand my arsenal. I throw Motiv equipment and bowl on sport shots so is it wise to have 2 urethane balls in the 6 ball bag? Current arsenal is: Black Venom, Venom Shock, Carbide Tank, spare ball. Thinking of adding the jackal ghost and the new tank yellowjacket. Or should I go with something like a primal shock instead of the tank? Thank you!

    1. I don’t know much about the yellow yet so can’t say. Primal is pretty close to the venom shock. I think the ghost would be a better add

  17. After watching this video & reading the comments I am questioning my purchase of both the Motiv Ripcord Launch & the Pride Empire at 16lb. i purchased the Ripcord Launch because I wanted a ball with more length & backend. The alley I bowl at has inconsistent medium to dry lanes causing my Scandal/S to be hard to control. I also bought the Pride Empire as I wanted to try an asymmetrical ball & it seemed like a good one to start with the low 0.010 int diff. My pro shop also recommended I get them drilled 70 x 4 x 20 due to my bowling style & speed of 16-18 mph. I am looking forward to them both but is there really much difference between the 2 of them?

    1. They could theoretically be in the same bag but what’s more important is what does the rest of the bag look like. So if you fit the Launch as your Mid Defined and the Pride Empire as Mid Late, you could be fine. At this point, if you already have them, throw them and see how they feel for you.
      I know people like to buy new balls and that’s cool. But I’m not trying to sell balls with my review. I’m trying to help bowlers make informed decisions. Then of course you’re welcome to spend your money anyway you enjoy.

    2. Thank you for the feedback.They will be my only 2 as I plan on retiring the Scandal/S. I am excited to try them both.After reading about the Supra Rally, I started to regret not buying it as a spare / dry lane ball to use along with the Empire instead of the Ripcord Launch. I may still buy it later to try as well as a dry lane ball & to use outside of league.

  18. I would also like to thank you for this video comparison & feedback to my other comment! I love bowling. After losing the ability to drive for medical reasons, bowling is the one thing that is guaranteed to get me out of the house every week other than work & gives me something to do with my mom.

  19. Agree with most of this. For me I’d go in order from top to bottom Jackal Ghost, forge flare, primal shock, ripcord launch, black venom, venom shock, Supra rally and then a blue tank or the Yellowjacket. For me I see a bit more of a difference between the primal and venom shock then you see.

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