Building a 3 Ball League Arsenal – #MoMonday

It's #MoMonday!

Today, Phil talks about building a 3 ball arsenal for league and what types of bowling balls it should include. Whether you're a cranker, stroker, or tweener, there's a perfect arsenal for your game.

What is your BEST 3 ball Radical arsenal for league?
Let us know in the comments!

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25 Comments on “Building a 3 Ball League Arsenal – #MoMonday”

  1. So, This is what I have, let’s call it a 6 ball with a bonus 😉

    Black widow 2.0 (New, undrilled at the moment)
    Pandemonium Solid (earlier, continuous layout)
    Phaze III (Versatile layout)
    rotogrip RST-X1 (mid read, strong back layout)
    BONU$ pearl (new, undrilled at the moment)
    Parallax Effect (angular layout)
    and Hammer Purp urethane (Label layout, early lane read)

    1. I’d go with the widow (versatile layout), phaze 3, and bonus pearl (angular layout). If RST is an asym, you could use that and the widow interchangably.

  2. Right now I have a Black Widow 2.0 , a older purple hammer pearl and an older hammer sauce. I am looking to upgrade the older hammers and not sure what to get . I will say that having my older balls resurfaced has been working so far.

  3. Squatch Hybrid – Most versatile layout
    OG Results Pearl – Most versatile
    Results solid – Max Flip layout

    Thinking about going Pandemonium pearl and putting the max flip layout on it. I have low tilt (< 13*), so i tend to stick to the shorter VALs and 3 1/2 - 4 inch Pins.

  4. Right now I have a Prism Hybrid, Vintage Phantom and Results +. I bowl at 2 houses that have different amounts of oil. 1 of the houses has a set of lanes that hook a lot more that the other part of the house. Doesn’t drilling also affect action of the ball? I drilled the Results + 65x5x40 for the house that hooks more. The Prism is 20×4.5×20 and the Phantom is 50x.4.5×30.

  5. I have all 3 zings, hammer 2.0 , incognito solid, bonus solid and soon results solid and a plastic spare ball per mo pinel may he rest in peace I should keep something strong always so what should I keep in my 4 bagger for league

  6. My favorite 3 ball bag is the black widow platinum copper, game breaker 4, eruption pro blue

  7. Fairly newer bowler but right now I have a Brunswick Rhino a Brunswick twist and then The Brunswick T Zone plastic for my spares

  8. When using a low flare layout do I have to change surface or add polish to the ball I was listening to mo on low flare layouts

    1. Generally speaking, no polish. Throw it out of box and see what it does and if it allows you to play in the straighter zone you want to play. Then adjust if needed.

  9. took me a while to adjust to throwing an asym so thanks for giving me a good reason to buy a pandemonin solid.

  10. Maybe make next video explain how to match high / low diff & RG to style i.e. tilt. After that maybe a video showing how the different RG / Diff can help or hurt on current bricked house patterns. Finally can you do a video with layouts to help seniors who have lost speed?

    1. Jeff, change your surface. That should help a lot with your ball reaction and show you how versatile your equipment is.

  11. Closer solid to start at 1000, Counter Attack solid at 1000 to finish if needed. I only change after I’m going across 3rd arrow with the Closer after starting 7 to 3. Don’t need the spare ball. Nice video

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